Alabama passenger plates for 1976 were blue on reflective white.
The number to the left is a county code, in this case the 1 represents Jefferson County and the 30 represents Escambia County.
The plate came with and without a dash separator, as shown above.
1976 was the last year for the use of county codes on license plates until 1983 when they were started up again.
These plates were in use until September 30, 1976 when they were replaced with the 1977 Bicentennial issues.

According to the ALPCA archive, in 1969 and 70 letters were added after some county code numbers to help extend the series.
For instance, an A=the 2nd hundred thousand, B=the third hundred thousand, and C=the 4th hundred thousand.
I am assuming the same holds for later issues, such as the 1976 plates shown above.

1976 Alabama sample license plate

This type of Alabama plate was issued to expire in 1977. Notice the county strip at the bottom.
These plates were issued in late September of 1976 for use through to September of 1977.
On the right is a 78 stickered version of the plate with the county code strip replaced by a blue strip.

This is type 2 of the Alabama 77 base with a debossed four sided sticker well in the upper right hand corner.
They were not used until later starting with 1978 expiration stickers. The county strip area has been blanked out.

This is type 3 of the Alabama 77 type base. Like the one above, the screened 77 is gone.
There is no sticker well in the upper right, but sticker wells are in the lower left and right.
These were actually not used until the early 80's. Notice also, the die changes in the numbers and letters.

Sample versions of the 77 bicentennial plate with and without county strips at the bottom.

The 70 prefix on this 1976 Alabama license plate represents a replacement plate for a lost or stolen one.

1976 Alabama supplemental plate as noted by the 80 at the beginning of the serial.
These were issued in counties when they had exhausted the regular issues.

1976 Alabama Exempt Commodity Truck plates
C/5=30,001 to 36,000 lbs issued in Covington County
C/6=36,001 to 42,000 lbs issued in Covington County
C/7=42,001 to 62,000 lbs issued in Covington County
C/8=62,001 lbs and over issued in Coosa County

Farm Truck/Truck Tractor plates: The F/1 plate was issued in Escambia County and is for a farm truck or truck tractor weighing 0 to 30,000 lbs.
The F/2 plate was issued in Covington County. The F/2 denotes a plate for a farm truck or truck tractor weighing from 30,0001 to 42,000 lbs.

Covington County 1976 Alabama plates for a taxis as indicated by the stacked H prefix.
Up until 1970 the prefix had been used for a truck not for hire.
H/3 indicates a vehicle in the 3,001 to 3,500 weight class
H/4 indicates a vehicle in the 3,501 to 4,000 lbs. weight class

1976 Alabama plates for ambulances or hearses issued in Convington County
K/1 indicates a vehicle less than 10,000 lbs
K/2 indicates a vehicle in the 10, 000 to 40,000 lbs weight class
The plates were issued in Covington County

1976 Alabama mobile home plate issued in Covington County.

76 Alabama Disabled Veteran's Plate.

1976 Alabama National Guard plate.

1976 Alabama Forest Products Truck plate
O/1=0 to 30,000 lbs issued in Butler County
O/2=30,001 to 42,000 lbs issued in Covington County

1976 Alabama private truck plates
The stacked P and number just after the county code on the left side of these private truck plates represent different weight categories.

P = 0-8000 lbs
P/1 = 8001-12,000 lbs
P/2 = 12,001-18,000 lbs
P/3 = 18,001-30,000 lbs
P/4 = 30,001-42,000 lbs
P/5 = 42,000 - 52,000 lbs
P/6 = 52,001-62,000 lbs
P/7 = 62,000-73,280 lbs
County codes for these plates 23=Covington County; 30=Escambia County and 41=Lauderdale County

1976 Alabama commercial bus plate issued in Covington County for bus hauling 15 to 20 passengers
1976 Alabama commercial bus plate issued in Colbert County for bus hauling 20 to 40 passengers

1976 Alabama commercial bus plate issued in Morgan County for bus hauling greaters than 40 passengers

1976 Alabama rental trailer plate as noted by the stacked RT.
The 23 on the left would indicate it was issued in Covington County.

The small T on this plate marks it for use on a truck trailer or a tractor trailer. Issued in Covington County.

1976 Alabama utility trailer plate.
The 19 at the left indicates it was issued in Coffee County.

1976 Alabama Truck and Tractor For Hire plates
X = up to 6,000 lbs.
X/1 = 6,001 to 12,000 lbs.
X/2 = 12,001 to 18,000 lbs.
X/3 = 18,001 to 24,000 lbs.
X/4 = 24,001 to 30,000 lbs.
X/5 = 30,001 to 36,000 lbs.
X/6 = 36,001 to 42,00 lbs.
X/7 = 42,001 to 62,000 lbs.
X/8 = 62,001 to 73,280 lbs.

The 80 prefix was used when a county ran out of regular issue county prefixed plates.
County codes are 10=Butler County and 23+Covington County

1976 Alabama amateur radio operators license plate.

1976 Alabama transit plate.

1976 Alabama dealer license plate.

United States House of Representatives plate for Congressional District 5 in Alabama issued for 1976.

This type of undated Alabama United State Senate plate was first issued in 1975.
If the 2 indicating the junior Senator is correct, it would have belonged to Senator James B. Allen, Democrat (1912-1978) U.S. Senator from 1969 to 1978.

1976 Alabama State House of Representatives license plate attachment

If you saw a red light flashing in your rear view mirror in Alabama in 1976, most likely the Alabama State Trooper patrol car that pulled you over was sporting this dark blue on non reflective light gray, Department of Public Safety license plate.
These plates were utilized from 1975 to 1978.

Antique Vehicle license plates of the type used in 1976.
The right one appears to be made on galvanized steel, which also gives the paint job a mottled appearance on the front.
The 1904 serial plate was issued to a 1904 Olds Runabout on November 11, 1970.
There was a one time fee on the plates and they were good for a lifetime on the vehicle.

License plate attachment for Governor George Wallace's staff, 1975 to 1979.

1976 Alabama motorcycle and motorcycle dealer plates.

Sample version of Gadsden, Alabama motorcycle plate expiring on December 31, 1976

1976 Mobile, Alabama local truck plate

American Revolution Bicentennial Association booster plates used in Alabama.

1976 Birmingham, Alabama souvenir Bicentennial license plate
1976 Alabama Sheriffs' Boys and Girls Ranches booster license plate

1976 Florence, Alabama Bicentennial booster plate
1976 Alabama Labor Bicentennial booster plate

1976 Birmingham, Alabama Zamora Shriner booster plate
1976 Mobile, Alabama booster plate

1976 Macon County, Alabama Bicentennial booster plate
1976 Citronelle, Alabama booster plate

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