Arkansas motorists were given these expiration tabs to update them.
76 tabs were given out in 1975 for expiration in 76, and 77 tabs were given out in 1976 for expiration in 1977.
The month of expiration is denoted with an extra month sticker on the upper left corner of the plates.

New registrations received this plate in 1975.

These plates were first issued in 1968. The one on the left shows a February 1976 expiration, while the one on the right shows a June 1976 expiration.

1968 Arkansas plate with November 1976 expiration.

1976 Arkansas sample tab

1968 Arkansas sample with 1976 sample tab
1975 Arkansas sample

Arkansas vanity plate with March 1977 expiration.
(March 1976 expiration buried underneath the sticker stack)

Truck plates used during 1976 in Arkansas.
The ALPCA archive indicates that the prefix letter indicates a weight class, although there appear to be some gaps in the weights on their listings.
B=6,001 to 19,000 lbs. gross weight
20,001 to 39,000
D=40,000 to 55,000
E=56,001 tp 59,000

H=60,001 to 67,000
J=68,001 to 73,000

Arkansas plates with a 12-31 date are called "hardship" plates and are 1/2 year registrations.

Arkansas semi trailer plates used during 1976.

Arkansas Natural Resources truck plate expiring on June 30, 1976.

Arkansas full cotton trailer plate expiring on June 30, 1976.

Arkansas farm products license plate expiring on June 30, 1976

1976 Arkansas master dealer and extra dealer license plates.
According to Phil White, a licensed car dealer in Arkansas,"Each dealer received 1 'master' dealer plate, which had M plus a number(as many as 4 digits.)
The number was that dealer's unique ID number .
If a dealer needed more than one plate for demonstrations, test drives, salesmen to have on their demo cars, etc., he/she could purchase additional plates which were the 'extra' plates

1976 Arkansas motorcycle license plate
1976 Arkansas motorcycle dealer plate

1976 Arkansas ambulance-hearse plate, set to expire in October of 1976.

January 1976 expiration on Arkansas amateur radio operator plate

November 1976 expiration on Arkansas school vehicle plate

March 1976 expiration on 68 style Arkansas base with Church Bus decal.

1976 Arkansas National Guard plate
October 78 expiration on Arkansas disabled veteran plate with 77 sticker underneath in use in late 1976

1970's Arkansas mobile home plate
I don't know if these were ever stickered for years of expiration?

1976 Arkansas State House of Representatives member license plate
1976 Arkansas Clerk of the State Senate plate

This type of Arkansas State Police plate was used on patrol cars from 1970 through 1976.
The plate on the right was issued in 1976.

1976 Mena, Arkansas booster plate

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