Arizona utilized its 73 base plates in 1976
Owners were issued 76 expiration tabs to place in the upper right corner
The plates came in two die varieties
The smaller die plate for the Arizona 73 and Grand Canyon State is on the left
(See close ups of die differences below)
The first three letters of the serial can be generally traced to a county where it was issued
For instance, the RHJ plate would have come from Maricopa County
The SXN plate is not listed under a county issue and may have been Arizona Motor Vehicle Department reserve stock

1976 and 1977 expiration stickers which could be seen on plates during 1976.
They were coupled with the month stickers on the plates to indicate the exact month of expiration.

May and July 1977 expiration stickers used on both die types of the 1973 Arizona license plate.

1976 expirations on Arizona vanity plates

76 Arizona sample tab placed on 73 Arizona sample plates using both dies shown below..

1976 sample plate with green on white weight fee tab.
I am not sure why it was placed on this plate, or whether it came from the Arizona DMV this way?

1976 Arizona weight fee tab

1976 Arizona dealer license plate
1976 Arizona transporter plate

30 day Arizona license plate

1976 Arizona Horseless Carriage and Classic Car plates. 1975 copper plates with 76 expiration tabs

1976 Arizona handicapped license plate

(NOT 76 Plates!)
Gary Fox, ALPCA 8470 notes,"The 4 black on orange undated plates are all 1966-70
Somebody years ago had nothing better to do but stickerup probably 100s of these unnissued plates withthose weird leftover 1976 stickers
No undated Gov issue from 1966 were validated with stickers
I have the state-issued paperwork to prove it
Different style plates, ones that have the wording "municipal vehicle", "highway department", etc embossed at the bottom began in 1971"
Upper row: Highway Department & State plates
Lower row: County and Municipal plates

Arizona county vehicle plate of the type that began in use in 1971, and would have been in use through 1976 to 1980
This Department of Public Safety license plate was the type used on Arizona State Patrol cars from 1972 to 1986

Well worn Arizona municipal vehicle plate used from early 70's into mid 80's.

1976 Arizona motorcycle and motorcycle dealer license plates

Arizona weight fee only license plate used during 1976

Aizona amateur radio operator plate with registration from April of 1976 to March of 1977

76 Arizona commercial truck plate
76 Arizona commercial plate for two axle truck

76 Arizona mobile home plates
The plate on the left contains a 76 weight fee sticker, while the one on the right contains 1974 through 1978 Assessment fee stickers
Assessment fees were similar to property taxes

76 Arizona Non Commercial plate for recreational pick-up trucks

76 Arizona two axle trailer plate

76 Arizona light trailer plate

1976 Arizona trailer dealer license plate

1973 Arizona Foreign Government plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker
1973 Arizona Consular Corps plate of the type in use in 1976

This motorcycle sized plate was used for a cotton trailer in Arizona in 1976

Cardboard 73 style Arizona movie prop plate

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