1975 tabs were good through February of 1976. After that, the 1976 British Columbia tab placed on 1973 passenger plates was used for an update.

1973 style bases with and without the dot separator. The plate on the right is seen in much rarer quantity than that on the left.


1973 British Columbia sample plate with 1976 sample tab. This has been a tough plate to find, but thanks to Neale Hankins of Burnaby, British Columbia, I managed to pick one up.

1976 B.C. Dealer plate.

1976 British Columbia commercial plate. Commercial plates were denoted with the two letter suffixes on the end.

1976 British Columbia commercial trailer plate with 77 and 78 expiration tabs.

1976 British Columbia pro rate plate.

British Columbia license plates used on logging trucks with November 30, 1976, August 31, 1976 and May 31, 1976 expirations.

1976 British Columbia Repairer plate.

1974 British Columbia Industrial Use plate with 76 and 77 expiration tabs. Industrial use plates are noted with the X prefix. They were used on heavy equipment like road graders. 1975 British Columbia Industrial Use plate with 76 and 78 expiration tabs.

1974 British Columbia Farm Truck plate with 76 expiration tab. Farm trucks were noted with the A prefix for Agricultural use. 1976 British Columbia Farm Truck plate with 78 expiration tab.

1976 British Columbia transporter license plate.

1976 British Columbia trailer floater license plate

1976 British Columbia amateur radio operator plate

1973 British Columbia Consul base with 76 tab.

This style of Vintage Auto license plate was first issued in 1968 and used well past 1976. The style was later replaced with a four digit plate with smaller numbers.

1976 tab placed on older issued motorcycle and trailer plates in British Columbia

1974 motorcycle plate updated with 75 and 76 tabs.

1976 British Columbia motorcycle dealer plate.

1974 British Columbia utility trailer plate with 1975 and 1976 tags.

1976 B.C. municipal plate

1976 B.C. motor carrier plate.

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