Connecticut issued blue on white expiration tabs with months noted on them for 1976
Green on white expiration tabs with months noted were issued for 1977

This plate was issued to new registrants with a 1976 expiration.
This base was phased out by 1991

1974 Connecticut sample plates with March and October 1976 expiration stickers

Connecticut sample with and without dot separators

These plates was issued to new registrants in 1974, and updated with a 76 and 77 expiration tabs
This base was phased out by 1991

Beginning in 1966, Connecticut began issuing these undated and unslotted plates until 1973.
Plates issued since 1957 in Connecticut, except for the 74 and 76 base, remain valid.
1966 base MN serial updated with June 1977 expiration tab issued in June of 1976

July 1976 and June 76 expirations on Connecticut 57 type base using all numerals

January 1976 expiration on Connecticut 57 type base plate

July 10, 1976 expiring Connecticut temporary passenger car plate

According to the ALPCA archives, CA to CO plates were issued for combination trucks.
These 74 base plates have March 76 and March 77 expiration tabs.

Connecticut commercial plate used from May of 1976 to April of 1977

1976 Connecticut dealer license plates.

1976 Connecticut camper trailer plate.

1976 Connecticut trailer plate with April 76 expiration

1976 Connecticut repair plate

1976 Connecticut junk license plates

1965 style Connecticut farm plate updated through March of 1976.

1976 Connecticut transporter license plates
According to the ALPCA archive, the two plates differ in that one was issued for lighter weight vehicles like cars, and the other for mobile homes and storage trailers
The archive does not say which is which

Connecticut vanity license plate set to expire in February of 1976
1974 style vanity plate updated with January 1976 expiration sticker

1974 style vanity plate updated with January 1976 expiration sticker
1966 Connecticut vanity base plate with May 1976 expiration

This type of Connecticut municipal plate was first issued in 1975.

Connecticut service bus plates expiring in July, 1976 and August, 1977

Connecticut antique vehicle license plate used during 1976.

October 1976 expiration on Connecticut early 60's style amateur radio operator license plate

1975-76 Connecticut heavy duty permit plate.

1975-77 Connecticut State Senate plate expiring in September of 1977
A September 1976 sticker is beneath the 1977 sticker

July 76 expiration tab on 74-75 Connecticut motorcycle base
March 76 expiration tab on 70-74 Connecticut motorcycle base

October 1976 expiration tab on 66 Connecticut motorcycle base

1973-74 issued Connecticut snowmobile license plates with March 1976 expiration tabs

1976 Connecticut motorcycle dealer license plate.

Connecticut all terrain vehicle plate good from March 1976 through March of 1977
All terrain vehicle plates all carry March expiration stickers

M prefix on white on dark green toll plate good at Milford on the Merritt-Wilbur Cross Parkways in 1976.
W prefix on white on red toll plate good at Wallingford on the Merritt-Wilbur Cross Parkways in 1976.
G prefix on white on yellow toll plate good at Greenwich on the Merritt-Wilbur Cross Parkways in 1976.

Toll plates were used on the parkway from 1939 to 1988. Different toll stations used different colored plates with a different prefix each year, and started different years
The Greenwich toll plates started in 1939 about two weeks after toll collection began
The Milford station opened in 1940, while Wallingford started in 1951
Dates did not actually appear on the plates until 1946. Others, besides the three above were:
GM=Greenwich, Milford
WMG=Wallingford, Milford, Greenwich
MW=Milford, Wallingford
Thanks to Bill Pate, ALPCA #2214 of Stamford, Connecticut and Joel Finn, ALPCA #8504, of Roxbury, Connecticut for the above information

Ned Flynn, ALPCA 2083, of Tannersville, Pennsylvania
, reports that the tolls were removed,"after a tragic accident that took a number of lives when a big tractor-trailer slammed into the back of a car loaded with people that had stopped to pay a toll."

Town of Darien, Connecticut, Refuse Disposal Permit which we assume was used on garbage trucks

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