Delaware issued different colored expiration tabs in 1975 for each month in 1976 to be used in the lower right corner of older plates. All plates since 1942 remain valid.

These plates were first issued in 1970 and have flat screened numbers. On the left is a March 76 expiration tab issued in March of 1975. On the right is an October 76 expiration tab issued in October of 1975.

Riveted number version of the Delaware plates with November 76 expiration issued in November of 1975. On the right is the backside of the plate showing the rivets.

5 & 6 digit versions of the riveted plate with April 1976 and February 1976 expiration stickers

Sample plates of the style first issued in 1970 with a March and August76 expiration stickers. There is a difference in the length of the SAMPLE bar in the middle of these two plates.

This style of plate was first issued in 1964 with riveted numbers.
The 5 digit plate has an October 1976 expiration sticker issued in October of 1975, while the 6 digit plate on the right has a July 1976 expiration sticker issued in July of 1975.

March and August 1976 expirations on 64 style Delaware license plate

5 digit, 1964 Delaware base plate with July 1976 expiration

This type of plate was first used in 1959. It has been updated with a March 1976 expiration sticker.

March 1977 expiration on Delaware vanity plate in use since April of 1976
September 1977 expiration on Delaware vanity plate in use since August of 1976

On the left is the 1948 base with aluminum numbers riveted on black and updated with a September 1976 expiration. On the right is the 1952 base in which the numbers are covered in reflective white material instead of bare aluminum. A December 1976 expiration is added.

1942 style porcelain plate with December 76 expiration sticker

Delaware temporary plate expiring 30 days after January 5, 1976

Delaware issued a front booster plate for the Bicentennial of the American Revolution.
On the right is a scotchlite peel and stick version of the plate.

These 70 style plates with a August 1976 and June 1976 expiration tabs were issued for a pleasure/commercial vehicle, as noted by the stacked P/C on the left. You would see them on vans and station wagons.

1970 style Delaware commercial license plate as noted by the C prefix.
The one on the left in the upper row has been updated with a January 1977 expiration sticker issued at the end of January 1976.
The plate on the right carries a May 1976 expiration sticker which would have been given out at the end of May 1975.
The lower, 4 digit plate, expired in August of 1976.
January 1976 expiration on older, riveted number Delaware base plate

1976 Delaware exempt sticker placed on government vehicles like the state owned one shown below.

This type of Delaware State Owned license plate was first issued in 1974 and updated with yearly exempt stickers. The plate on the right has riveted numbers, while the one on the left is flat.

1942 style porcelain plate with 1976 exempt sticker applied. I am not sure this type of use actually occurred.

1976 Delaware exempt plate with riveted numbers

This style of Delaware State Police was first used in 1962 through 1976 and beyond.

Delaware Governor's plate expiring in April of 1977.
Delaware Governor's plate expiring in February of 1977

Delaware Secretary of State plate expiring May of 1976

1976 dealer tab used on 5 and 6 digit plates shown below.

1964 style Delaware plates with riveted numbers and 1976 dealer sticker.

1976 Delaware Superior Court Judge license plate

This bumper sticker along with the plates shown below was required on the rear bumper of vehicles whose owners were engaged in surf fishing in certain areas of the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and Atlantic Coast. The plates shown below was placed on the front of the vehicle. Thanks to Donna Brenz of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania for the plate and information. On the plate on the right, the bumper sticker was added to the plate.

1976 Delaware Mobile Surfisherman license plate.

1976 Delaware trailer license plate.

Delaware vanity license plate used from June 30, 1976 to July 31, 1977

Early 70's style Delaware motorcycle plates with April 76, August 76 and June 77 expirations

Early 70's Delaware motorcycle sample plate with January 76 expiration.
September 1976 expiration on Delaware 60's motorcycle plate
March 1976 expiration on Delaware motorcycle plate with riveted numbers.

Privately issued Delaware booster for the American Revolution bicentennial.
Kent County, Delaware privately issued Bicentennial booster plate.

Delaware U.S. Bicentennal booster plate made by the Wilton Brass Company of Columbia, Pennsylvania

Monthly Delaware 1977 expiration tabs issued in 1976.
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