In 1976 Florida issued the above tab to go on 1975 plates.

1976 Florida license plate issued in St. Johns County as noted by 20 prefix
1976 Florida license plate issued in Hamilton County as noted by 56 prefix

1975 Florida base license plate that could have been used into early 1976
This one was issued in one of the smallest counties--Collier County as noted by the 64 prefix

Through 1975 base plates, Florida still classified passenger cars by weight class.

Staggered registrations began in Florida in 1976.
1975 plates were updated with white on blue 77 expiration stickers with the month of expiration showing.

The plate on the left was issued in Palm Beach County
The one beginning with 4 is from Pinellas County
(October 1977 expirations)

April 1977 expiration on 75 Florida plate issued in Indian River County
December 1977 expiration on 75 Florida plate issued as a mail order plate

May 1977 expiration on 75 Florida, steel version, plate issued in Pinellas County

With the six digit plates in Broward County they had to get creative and stack the county number on top of weight letter

This tab was good for the months of 11/76 through 2/77.

Florida passenger car plates with special magenta tab that was good from November 76 through February 77.
The plate with the 1 and D at the left is from Dade County, and is in the 2,501 to 3,500 lbs weight class.
The 8 to the left on the plate shown above at right indicates this was issued in Volusia County.
The W would indicate it is in the 3,501 to 4,500 lbs weight class.

December 1976 magenta sticker expiration on Florida plate issued in Escambia County in 4,501 lbs and above weight class.
November 1976 magenta expiration sticker on Florida plate issued in Hillsborough County in the up to 2,500 lbs weight class

Sample versions of the 1975 Florida plate used during 1976

1975 Florida sample plate with 76 expiration sticker

1976 Florida private use trailer license plate.

1975 through 1980 used Florida commercial vehicle plate

1976 Florida disabled veteran license plate.

1976 Florida limousine or bus for hire license plate as noted by the E prefix. The plate was issued in Escambia County.

1975 truck base with 76 tab. The plate was issued in Orange County.

1975 Florida handicapped person's license plate used through 1975 to 1980, as noted by the HP prefix
1975 to 1978 Florida disabled person plate

The K on this 75 Florida plate, updated with a 76 tab, would indicate that this was used as an ambulance plate.
It has also been reported used on hearses. It was issued in Broward County.

1976 Florida semi-trailer license plate as noted by the L in the serial number.
The 1 on the left indicates it was issued in Dade County.

1975 Florida mobile home license plate issued in Palm Beach County, sporting stickers from a 12/31/75 expiration through a January 1978 expiration
1975 Florida mobile home plate issued in Orange County with 1976 expiration sticker

The MI on this indicates that this is a 75 Florida dealer plate updated with a 76 tab.
The 4 to the left indiates that this was issued in Pinellas County.

1976 and 1977 Florida rental trailer plates issued in Broward County
An N or NN prefix indicates a rental trailer

1975 Florida antique vehicle license plate, as noted by the Q following the county code number, updated with 76 expiration sticker.
This plate was issued in Hillsborough County.

1976 Florida recreational vehicle plate.
The 8 to the left would indicate that this plate was issued in Volusia County.

Florida bus for hire license plate in use until June of 1977

1976 Florida truck tractor plates as noted by the TD after the 7 and the TE after the 3 in the prefix area.
The plates came with a TA through TE configuration in the serial number.
The 7 to the left would indicate that this plate was issued in Orange County. (aluminum version)
The 3 to the left of the plate on the right would indicate Hillsborough County. (steel version)

This plate was issued for a private trailer less than 500 lbs in weight as noted by the V after the county code number.
The plate was issued in St. Lucie County.

1975 Florida State Senator plate.
These were validated in 1976 with regular passenger stickers.

1976 Florida amateur radio operator plate.
1975 Florida citizen's band radio plate used during 1976. (Stickers were peeled.)

1975 Florida vanity license plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker is on the left and below
On the right, is a 75 Florida vanity with both a 76 sticker and a magenta November 76 expiration sticker, along with stickers for expiration up to November of 1979

Florida Highway Patrol license plate of the type used during 1976

This style of Florida Horseless Carriage plate was used throughout the 1970's.
This plate was originally issued on September 14, 1976 to Richard F. Gall of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for his 1927 Model T Ford.
A remittance of $9.55 was required for the registration back then.

Florida real property license plate used during the 70's

Florida county government plate of type used during the 70's

1976-78 Florida press photographer plate

Florida 20 day temporary tag exping on January 29, 1976

The 28 on the motorcycle plate on the left indicates it was issued in Pasco County.
The 3 to the left of the motorcycle plate on the right indicates it was issued in Hillsborough County.

1975-76 Tampa, Florida taxi license plate.

1976-77 Broward County, Florida taxi license plate.

Click on plate for larger image

1975-76 Orlando, Florida peddler license plate

1976 Miami, Florida Rickenbacker Causeway toll permit plate

Osceola County front booster plate issue for 1976. I am not sure if this is a private issue or something the county had made for interested motorists.
St. Augustine, Florida 1976 booster license plate.

1976 Crystal River, Florida booster plate
1976 Miami, Florida booster plate

1976 Sarasota, Florida booster plate
1976 Riverview, Florida booster plate

1976 Kenneth City, Florida booster plate

1976 Tarpon Springs, Florida booster plate
1976 Palatka, Florida booster plate

1976 Pensacola, Floridia booster plate

These privately issued bicentennial booster plates which have been made by the same manufacturer on heavy plastic using metallic paints.
Three of them appear to be Shriner related.

American Revolution Bicentennial booster plates from Florida cities and counties

1976 Lake City, Florida American Legion booster plate
1976 Orlando, Florida Edgewater High School AAA Basketball Champions booster plate

1976 Maitland Florida Fire Department booster plate

1976 Florida A & M University Booster License Plate
Spirit of 78 Florida Booster License Plate

1976 Earl Wallace Ford, Delray Beach, Florida advertising booster plate


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