Passenger Car plates

1976 Hawaii passenger car license plate issued in Honolulu County with sharp A dies. The difference in these dies and those above this plate can be seen below. The sharp A die variety were made by the Poly Vend Corporation, while rounded A variety was made by Irwin Hobson.

This plate was designated to Kauai County. When Hawaii ordered plates for Kauai from two different sources, several Kauai plates came with the same number. The solution, rather than throwing away plates, was to flatten part of the K on one set and add a sticker that turned it into an L. Notice it has the second type of die with the sharp pointed A in Hawaii and Aloha State.

1976 Hawaii sample plates. The one on the lower row left shows the Polyvend dies with the sharp A.

This 1975 tab placed on a 1968 style plate was still valid the first 3 months of 1976.

1976 Hawaii truck plate used through 1980. Truck plates carried the all number designation. Truck plates were made using both types of dies.

1976 Hawaii trailer plate.

1976 Hawaii vanity plates using the Irwin-Hodson and Polyvend dies. The plate on the left was used through 1979.

1976 Hawaii plate for state owned vehicles, and a 1976 Hawaii State owned trailer plate.

1976 Hawaii state owned motorcycle license plate.

1976 Hawaii Consular Corps plate.

County Plates

County of Kauai license plate issued in 1976, and County of Maui plate issued for 1976

1976 City and County of Honolulu license plate. On right, is a trailer version of the City & County of Honolulu license plate.

1976 City and County of Honolulu owned motorcycle license plates.

Dealer Plates

Car dealer license plate utilized in Honolulu County in 1976, and a car dealer license plate utilized in Kauai County in 1976

Car dealer license plate utilized in Maui County in 1976

Motorcycle dealer license plate utilized in Maui County in 1976

1976 Hawaii Governor's plate. Several of these were made and given out like samples.

1976 plate issued to Hawaiian amateur radio operator.

1976 Honolulu Fire Department plate.

1976 Hawaii motorcycle plate.

1976 Hawaii freight plate

This type of permanent Hawaii horseless carriage license plate for antique vehicles was first issued in 1969 and used through the 70's and beyond.

Bicycle tab/license placed on the front post of a bicycle in the County and City of Honolulu in 1976.

1976 Kauai bicycle license plate.

Movie prop 1976 Hawaii license plate

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