Iowa placed the above tab on the older 1975 base plate seen below
The 71 in the left part of serial in the sticker corresponds to the county number of the plate. In this case, O'Brien County

Iowa was still using county codes in 1976 first started in 1922
The codes were noted by the stacked numbers on the left of the plate. In this case, the 71 represents O'Brien County, while the 75 represents Plymouth County

Sample 76 tab placed on 75 sample license plates to update them

Iowa issued these two types of sample plates in 75, which were continued in use through 76

1976 Iowa duplicate tab used on passenger plate shown below. I assume this is a replacement for a lost plate or tab
The plate would have been issued in O'Brien County

Two different versions of the 75 Iowa duplicate plate issued in Webster County
The one on the left has duplicate screened on the bottom in the center, and a regular 1976 expiration sticker
The one on the right has the duplicate embossed on the bottom and contains a duplicate 1976 sticker

1976 Iowa truck plate
The stacked 45 indicates it was issued in Howard County

1976 Iowa truck plate issued in Hancock County, and a tractor plate expiring on June 30, 1976.

1976 Iowa new car and new truck dealer plates

1976 Iowa used car and used truck dealer plates

76 Iowa antique car plate
The stacked 94 represents Webster County

1976 Iowa non resident transit plate issued in Dubuque County

1976 Iowa non resident plate. The HNA through HNZ prefixes were reserved for non resident plates

1976 Iowa trailer plate issued in Hancock County.

Iowa Mobile Home license plate with June 30, 1976 expiration. The stacked 99 would indicate that it was issued in Wright County
Iowa Mobile home license plate with December 31, 1976 expiration issued in Hancock County
Expiration tabs close-up shown below

1976 Iowa travel trailer plate issued in Hancock County

1976 Iowa semi trailer plates. The one with the x to the right was issued for semi trailers not over 12 tons
The one below with the y to the right was issued for semi trailers over 12 tons
These plates were issued in Hancock County

1976 Iowa tractor plate issued in Plymouth County
1976 Iowa well driller plate

1975 and 1976 Iowa special mobile equipment plates

1975 and 1976 Iowa ham radio operator license plates

Iowa State Patrol license plate used from around 1973 to around 1987

Iowa official state vehicle license plate of the type used from 1967 to 1985

Iowa private school bus plates in use during the 1970's

Iowa Official government plates issued some time in the late 70s, most likely, although the serial dies on the county looks like later dies

1976 Iowa vanity license plate

1976 Iowa motorcycle plate on the left. The 71 in lower left represents O'Brien County
1976 Iowa motorcycle sample plate
The plate on the right is a 1976 Iowa motorcycle dealer license plate

Iowa grain dealer plates used in 1976

1976 Newton, Iowa bicycle license plate

1976 power and trailer tabs placed on interstate waffle type license plates used on large commercial trucks that did interstate hauling of goods

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