Idaho placed 76 expiration tabs issued in 1975 on the older 1974 plates.
There are two types of the blue sticker with the darker blue one used for a May 31, 1976 expiration. Later expirations received a lighter blue sticker.

V prefix indicates issued in Valley County
2/G prefix indicates issued in Gooding County

1974 Idaho plate with the Idaho 74 move to the right

The last digit of an Idaho license plate that was utilized in 1976 tells the month of expiration. Clockwise from the upper left, are the following:
1. Nez Perce County issued, as noted by N prefix, May 31. 1976 expiration dark blue tab

2. Nez Perce County issued, as noted by N prefix, June 30, 1976 expiration light blue tab
3. Latah County issued, as noted by 1L prefix, October 30 expiration light blue tab, undated 74 base
4. Bannock County issued, as noted by 1B prefix, August 31st expiration light blue tab, undated 74 base
5. Gooding County low number issued, as noted by the 2G prefix, April 30th expiration with light blue tabe on 74 base

In 1976, Idaho issued a 1977 expiration tab that showed the month and day of expiration.
The expirations covered the rest of 1976 into 1977

Ada County issued, as noted by the stacked 1A, 74 style, undated plate with 1977 expiration sticker

Sample 1976 tabs used on 74 sample base.

74 Idaho Sample with regular 76 tab
Undated 74 base Idaho Sample with 1976 punched expiration sticker

1974 and undated Idaho sample plates with punched blue 76 expiration stickers.

76 Idaho dealer plate.

1976 Idaho tab used for motorcycle license plates.

1974 Idaho motorcycle plate with 76 tab.
The 2/C indicates this plate was issued in Canyon County.

Non passenger style 1976 tab.

1976 Idaho house trailer plate. The 1/J indicates this plate was issued in Jefferson County.
1973 Idaho house trailer plate updated with 76, 77 and 78 expiration stickers.
The 4/B indicates it was issued in Bingham County
The 2/T indicates the plate was issued in Twin Falls County

1974 Idaho motor home plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker

1976 Idaho vanity plates.

70's style Idaho city and county exempt plates used through 1976.

Boise, Idaho Police Department plate of the type used during the 70's
Moscow, Idaho Fire Department plate of the type used during the 70's.

Idaho state owned vehicle plate of the type used during the 70's.
The state plate on the right was used by the Idaho State Patrol, as noted by the ISP prefix.

1976 Idaho National Guard plate
1976 Idaho Air National Guard plate

1975 Idaho United States House of Representatives plate for District 2, updated with a 76 expiration sticker and used until 1978.

Black on yellow utility trailer 76 tab with plate shown below.

1976 Idaho rental trailer license plate.

1976 power and trailer tabs on apportioned truck and trailer plates.

Idaho 1976 snowmobile sticker expiring on October 31st

76 Idaho Use Fee plate

One of four similar types of the black on aluminum, Idaho Old Timer plates first issued for pre-1943 cars in 1955.
The dies on them roughly correspond to the dies of plates at different times.
This one seems to have the 1974 dies, and so I have listed it as a possible plate for utilization in 1976.

1976 Bainbridge, Idaho Mobil Station advertising plate

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