Illinois issued a Bicentennial themed plate for 1976. The standard numbering style appeared to be AA 0000
In 1974 Illinois began allowing AAA 00 and variations
The numbered serial plates were probably numbers requested by Illinois auto owners who had those numbers on previous issues
The designer of the plate is shown below on a postcard that was sold at the time

1976 Illinois design transparency

The 1975 Illinois plate was still in use during a grace period for updating registrations which was the first two months of 1976.

Shown here are two of four types of 76 Illinois sample license plates
According to the Polk Guides and ALPCA archive there are two others
The other two have SAM PLE and 000 000 in the embossed blue area

This paper sample plate was sent to people writing to the Illinois DMV in 1976 requesting a sample license plate 
Whit Whitworth, ALPCA #1000, of New Boston, Michigan obtained a similar paper sample in that manner
He graciously sent it to me for the collection of 76 plates

The ALPCA archive does not mention Illinois vanity plates for 1976
However, it does mention special numbers being issued to certain fund contributors
I am not sure if these plates fit in that category, or if the one on the right might be a sample of some type
Or, they just may be unusual regular number plates

1976 Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars plate

76 Illinois truck plates expiring on June 30, 1976

Weight classification suffixes for Illinois trucks
A = <3,000   B = 3,001-8,000   C = 8,001-10,000    D = 10,001-12,000   E = 12,001-14,000
F = 14,001-16,000   G = 16,601-20,000   H = 20,001-24,000   J = 24,001-28,000   K = 28,001-32,000
 L = 32,001-36,000   N = 36,001-41,000   P = 41,001-45,000    R = 45,001-50,000   S = 50,001-59,000
T = 59,001-64,000    V = 64,001-73,280

Illinois truck plate used from July 1976 to June 1977
Illinois truck tractor plate used from July 1976 to June 1977

1976 Illinois Tax Mile Truck license plate
1976 Illinois Tax Mile Truck Tractor license plate

1976 Illinois Tax Mile trailer in the 20,000 lbs weight class

76 Illinois municipal plate

1976 Illinois municipal bus sample plate

1976-77 Illinois State Owned vehicle plate as noted by the U prefix

76 Illinois trailer plate. The R/T means it was for a recreational trailer

1976 Illinois trailer dealer license plate
1976 Illinois trailer dealer sample license plate on right

1976 Illinois funeral home plate as noted by the F/H on the left

1976 Illinois Governor's license plate
1976 Illinois consular corps plate

1976 Illinois in transit (transporter) plate

76 Illinois plates for trailer greater than 3,000lbs expiring on June 30, 1976 and June 30, 1977

1976 Illinois recreational vehicle plates

Illinois Conservation semi trailer license plates expiring on June 30, 1976
Illinois semi trailer plate expiring on June 30, 1977

1976/77 Antique Vehicle plate

Illinois farm plates used during 1976
The F under the V indicates it was for a vehicle in the less than 12,001 lbs weight class, while the H under the V is for the 20,001 to 24,000 lbs weight class.

1976 Illinois amateur radio plate

1976 Illinois taxi and limouasine license plates

1976 Illinois livery plate


1976 Illinois State House of Representatives and State Senate plates

Sample version of the 1976 State Senate plate from Illinois

1976 State House and Senate General Assembly plates
I am assuming these are front plates

1976-77 Secretary of State Investigator plate

1976 Illinois dealer plates
The plate on the right, on top, without a suffix is a master dealer plate

1976 Illinois manufacturer's plate

1976 Illinois Driver Education plates

1976-1977 Illinois electric vehicle plate

1976 Illinois pro rated interstate trailer license plate, as noted by the stacked P/R. The last letter indicates a weight class
The ALPCA archive notes that earlier issues come with a T, D, F or L weight class indicator

1976 Illinois farm machinery license plate

1976-77 Illinois State Police

1976 Illinois school bus plates

1976 Illinois ambulance license plate

1976 Illinois handicapped license plate
1976 Illinois disabled veteran plate

1976 Illinois repossessor license plate

1976 Illinois motorcycle license plate for 150cc or more
1976 Illinois motorcycle plate for less than 150cc as noted by the B in the serial--generally moped types

1976 Illinois motorcycle dealer plate with sample version shown on right

1976 Illinois special event plate for the opening of the New Salem-Springfield Post Road
Sample version is on the right

1976 sticker used for pro rated fees paid in Illinois for Interstate commerce.
The stickers were placed on waffle plates that were carred by large commercial trucks delivering goods across state lines.

1976 pro-rated plate waffle plate with Illinois pro rated sticker

1976 Springfield, Illinois Dray and Taxicab plates

Commercial city license plates issued in Joliet, Illinois for 1976

Commercial city license plates issued in Westmount, Illinois for 1976

City plate issued in Lincolnwood, Illinois in 1976 for attachment to regular vehicle plate

1976 Skokie, Illinois trailer plate attachment

1976 Woodridge, Illinois motorcycle plate attachment
1976 Mount Prospect, Illinois trailer plate attachment

1976 Joliet and Brookfield, Illinois motorcycle plate attachments

Click on plate for larger image

1976 West Chicago, Illinois motorcycle plate attachment
1976 Streamwood, Illinois motorcycle plate attachment

Chicago, Illinois ice vehicle plate expiring on April 30, 1976.

1976 Joliet, Illinois dealer vehicle tax plate
1976 Chicago, Illinois motorcycle vehicle tax plate attachment

Oak Park, Illinois booster license plate attachment from 1976

1976 city vehicle tax windshield stickers (unused with film still on them) from Crest Hill and Oak Lawn, Illinois.

1976 Joliet, Illinois over two ton truck vehicle tax windshield sticker

1976 Romeoville, Illinois and Gilman, Illinois booster plates for the Bicentennial

1976 Lincoln, Illinois Bicentennial plate attachment
1976 Wyanet, Illinois Bicentennial plate attachment

1976 Marissa Bicentennial Commission, Illinois Auto Show booster plate

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