These plates were issued in 1975 and carried into 1976. County code numbers are on the left before the small letter
Undated 76 plate=Clark County
January 76=Monroe County
February 76=Marion County
March 76=Vanderburgh County
April 76=Monroe County
May 76=Pulaski County
June 76=Bartholomew County

January 1971 started the monthly expirations but from January to June only
Beginning with the 1970 base, Indiana issued expiration stickers which were placed on the bottom of the plate before the embossed date of the following year
This was used until the Heritage State base was issued

Sample version of regular Indiana 76 base plate

Undated 1976 Indiana bicentennial plate that would have been issued in Adams County
During 1976, Indiana replaced its blue on reflective white plates with the Bicentennial theme plate shown above
Indiana low number Bicentennial plate issued in De Kalb County

These plates were issued in 1976 and carried into 1977 and eventually replaced with the 1978 base. County code numbers are on the left
Undated=Adams County
January 77 expiration=Allen County
February 77 expiration=Porter County
March 77 expiration=Marion County
April 77=Dearborn County
May 77=Porter County
June 77 expiration=Lake County

Beginning in 1976 with the Heritage State stickers, month stickers were made smaller but still used different colors for each month from January through June
These appeared to remain the same color for the same month each year
The month sticker on Heritage State base is 1 3/4 x1"
The "EXP" vertical left followed by first 3 letters of month
JANUARY red/refl yellow
FEBRUARY yellow/refl red
MARCH all refl white/blue
APRIL refl yellow/dark green
MAY all refl white/red
JUNE all refl white/green.
This information is directly from the Indiana ALPCA archives.

Sample version of the Bicentennial plate

1976 Indiana truck plates in the up to 7,000 lbs weight class, and the 7,001 to 9,000 lbs weight class.
The ALPCA archive lists up to 14 different weight classes for this plate: 7, 9, 11, 16, 20, 26, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 and 66+.
The plate on the right was given to me at the ALPCA 2002 Convention in Niagara Falls, New York, by Joe Wisniewski of La Porte, Indiana, ALPCA #7760

1976 Indiana truck plate in the 7,000 lbs. weight class with metal 76 tab

1976 Indiana trailer in various weight classes. The number represented is in the thousands of lbs.
The ALPCA archive notes 7 different trailer weight classes: 3, 5, 7, 12, 16, 22, and 22+

Upper left, a 1976 Indiana tractor plate for weight class 30,000 lbs to 35,999 lbs.
Upper right, a 1976 Indiana tractor plate for weight class 36,000 lbs to 41,999 lbs.
Lower left, a 1976 Indiana tractor plate for weight class 42,000 lubs to 47,999 lbs.
Lower right, a 1976 Indiana tractor plate for weight class above 72,000 lbs.

1976 Indiana semi trailer license plate

1976 Indiana U.S. Bicentennial amateur radio operator plate

1976 Indiana handicapped plates

1976 Indiana Special Machinery license plate

1976 Governor sample plate of which 25 were made according to the ALPCA archive
The archive also notes this plate both in the Governor's sample section and in the regular Governor's section
1976 Indiana United States Senator license plate which is a little worse for the wear

1976 Indiana State Representative and State Senator license plates

Indiana State Owned vehicle license plates used from 1972 to 1979
Universities received plates with their names embossed on them like the Indiana State University plate shown above

Indiana school bus plate of the type used in 1976

1976 Indiana motorcycle plate and new motorcycle dealer plate

1976 Indiana school bus plates

1976 Indiana Used Car Dealer and New Car Dealer license plates

1976 Indiana house car plate

1976 Indiana farm truck plates with close up of tabs in different weight classes shown below

Unstickered Indiana Disabled American Veteran's plates that would have been used in 1976

Undated Indiana Historic Motor Vehicle license plate on heavy steel of the type that would have been utilized in 1976

1976 Indiana Indianapolis 500 Pace Car license plate
This one has been autographed by Johnny Rutherford, the winner of the Indy 500 in 1974, 1976 and 1980

1976 Indiana transport plate

Temporary Indiana license tag expiring on November 13, 1976

1976 Allen County, Indiana horse drawn vehicle plate on left
1976 LaGrange County non-motor vehicle plate in center
1976 Jay County horse drawn vehicle on right

1976 Boone County, Indiana Civil Defense plate
1976 Marshal County, Indiana Civil Defense plate

1976 Indiana Well Drilling Contractors Assn. plate

Indiana water well drilling equipment plates used during 1976

Wabash, Indiana bicycle plate expiring on April 30, 1976

Privately issued 1976 Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial booster plate

Privately issued, Lake County, Indiana Farm Bureau Co-operative booster plate on the left
On the right is a similar plate from the Newton County Stone Quarry
The plates appear to be made out of a fibreglass material

1976 Monroeville, Indiana and Salem, Indiana souvenir plates

1976 South Bend, Indiana souvenir plate.
1976 Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana Bicentennial booster plate

1976 Mishawaka, Indiana Bicentennial booster plate
1976 New Albany, Indiana Bicentennial booster plate

1976 Logansport, Indiana Bicenntennial booster plate

1976 Indiana State Fair booster plate

1975-76 Marion, Indiana basketball state champs souvenir plate.

Front and back of an odd Indianapolis 500 spectator souvenir license plate
It is made of a thick plastic/acrylic like material
I am not sure why they would have printed both sides

1976 Alexandria, Indiana De Voe Chevrolet advertising plate
1976 Indianaoplois Ford Plant booster plate

Wilton-Armetale made Indiana Bicentennial booster plate

1976 campaign booster plate for the re-election on Indiana U.S. Senator Vance Hartke

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