A wide serial Die I, early 1976 issue from Trego County is on left with circular bolt holes. On the right, is a Die II plate from Smith County with oblong bolt holes. The earlier issue's back is a painted dark blue, while the later issue is left a bare aluminum.

Above is the thin serial number Die III of later issued plates with oblong bolt holes. The right one is from Barber County. It is probably doubtful that this plate was ever issued, as the earliest single digit from Barber County has a 78 expiration sticker denoting a 77 issue. Barber County only had 6,500 by 1980, and the X plate would have been issued to those who had surnames beginning with U, X, Y or Z for a December expiration. That also adds to the belief it may never have been issued.

Notice the narrow 6 in the 76 on this issue (Die I) from Seward County.

These two narrow die variety plates from Norton County show a couple variations. Besides the Kansas 76 being different widths at the top. The V in the serial are different widths, as shown below. The plate on the left is a Die III variety, while that on the right is a Die II.

Close up of Dies 1, II, III embossed Kansas 76
The Die I embossed Kansas is generally 4 1/4" in length.
Die II is 4 3/4" in length.
A Die III plate has an embossed Kansas of 4 7/16" in width.

Kansas issued these white and dark blue plates for 1976. Beginning in 1951, Kansas used the stacked letters at the left to denote a county.
The letter immediately after the county code denotes the expiration month.
X meant a December expiration. The letters were also assigned according the first initial of the last name.
As an example X would have gone to those with last names beginning with U, X, Y or Z. The other months are listed below:

A = February      B = March     C = April     E = May     H = June     J = July
M = August     R = September     S = October     V = November     X = December
Plates through the letter "C" and early "E" were issued in pairs
Two different die types, as shown above, are noted for this passenger plate in the ALPCA archives
              1) standard dies for CCL on early issues with painted blue back
              2) thin dies for CCL on later issues with aluminum back

Thanks to John Andree of Grand Rapids, Michigan for this information, and information above on all the die varieties.
John is probably the number one expert on 1976 issued plates in the U.S.

Nice low number 1976 Kansas license plate issued in Allen County.

1977 Kansas expiration tabs were issued in 1976 for expiration in 1977

This 1977 expiring Kansas plate was issued in Sedgwick County

1976 Kansas sample plate. Die II variety

1976 Kansas car dealer plate. Die II variety.

1976 plates used by the state agency known as the Kansas Commerce Commission.
Black on white for a private carrier
White on red for a contract carrier
White on blue for a common carrier

1976 Kansas Drive Away license plate.

1976 tabs placed on 1975 Kansas motorcycle plates to update them.

Three and four digit 75 Kansas motorcycle plates with 76, 77, 78 & 79 tabs.
The one on the left was issued in Reno County.
The one on the right comes from Sheridan County.

1976 Kansas motorcycle dealer license plate.

This type of plate was issued in 1976 for owners registering their cars as antiques in Kansas.
Beginning in 1980, this same type of plate used serial numbers.

On the left, a 1975 Kansas regular truck plate in the 8,000 lbs. weight class with 76 expiration tab to update it. The BR would indicate it was issued in Brown County.
On the right, a 1975 Kansas regular truck plate in the 12,000 lbs. weight class.
The 76 expiration sticker is buried under the 77. This plate from Sedgwick County was used into 1979.

1975 Kansas farm truck plates in the 12,000 and 24,000+ weight classes updated through 1976.
The 1976 expiration sticker is buried under the 77 on the plate on the right.
The plate on the left was issued in Nemaha County as noted by the stacked NM.
The plate on the right was used into 1979 and was issued in Jewell County as noted by the stacked JW.

1975 Kansas amateur radio operator license plate updated with amateur radio year stickers.
This one was utilized from 1975 to 1979.

1975 Kansas non highway plate issued in Reno County with wide dies, updated with a 1976 mobile home tab.
1975 Kansas non highway plate issued in McPherson County with narrow dies, updated with a 1976 mobile home tab

1976 Kansas prorate truck license plate with 80,000 lbs. prorate weight sticker, and a 1976 Kansas prorate trailer plate.
Thanks to Jack Walker of Kansas City, Kansas for sending the truck plate to me.

Two different 1976 tabs used to update the 1975 Kansas trailer plates shown below.

Two 1976 Kansas trailer plates in the 8,000 lbs. weight class.
The one of the left was issued in Sheridan County as noted by the stacked SD on the left.
The one on the right was issued in Rooks County as noted by the staced RO on the left of the plate.

1976 Kansas trailer dealer license plate.

1976 Kansas vanity license plate used through March of 1980. This plate belonged to a State Senator named Dan Bromley. The AT at the bottom indicates it was issued in Atchison County and the MAR indicates a March expiration.
The 1976 Kansas vanity on the right is set to expire in October. It was issued in Saline County.

Sample version of the 1976 Kansas vanity license plate.

1976 Kansas vanity without date and county showing at the bottom

State owned vehicles used this type of license plate in 1976.
The style was still prevalent on state owned vehicles well into 2000, although the background color has recently been changed to dark blue on white.
Later issues were made with reflective material.

1976 Kansas Press Association license plate.

Click on plates for larger images

1976 Anthony, Kansas and Emporia, Kansas bicycle plates

Catherine, Kansas Centennial booster plate privately issued for use in 1976.
1976 Concordia Bicentennial booster plate.

Kansas American Revolution Bicentennial Association booster plates

1976 Olathe, Kansas Ford advertising plate
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