License Plate County Codes of the United States and Canada
Tom Boyd, ALPCA 3753
Eric N. Tanner, ALPCA 3148

William M. Davis, ALPCA 2064


This 210 page book gives a wealth of information regarding the codes used to denote county jurisdictions on US and Canadian license plates. Some state/provincial codes are quite extensive, while others did not use a coding system for counties. This book tells what it all means. For instance, this book tells me that from 1935 through 1957, Washington State plates from my home county of Snohomish (Snow-home-ish) used the prefix letter D, as it was the fourth largest county in the State of Washington with regards to population. Or, I can find out that the F prefix on the 34 New Brunswick I just bought from Joey Hurd, ALPCA 1925, means it was issued in the Fredericton area. Lots of tables and information here. Tom Boyd, ALPCA 3753, one of the authors, tells me he has about 100 copies left as of 8/12/98. You will have to check with the author to see if any more are available. Cost of the book postage paid was $28.00

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