Manitoba passenger plates issued in 1976.
Unstickerd, they would have expired at the end of February 1977.

1976 Manitoba sample plate
1976 Manitoba sample prototype plate

This stickers shown above, expired the last day of February in 1976 and were used to update 1971 Manitoba plates.
Plates like the ones below could be seen on passenger cars in Manitoba for the first two months of 1976.

The T in the left of these plates indicate that they are truck plates.
The lettering sequence of the TGK plate means it was probably issued during 1976, while the one to the left was issued later.
Manitoba used the 1976 base until 1983 when they replaced these plates with a black on white base.
Thanks to Andrew Osborne, Winnipeg, Manitoba for the above information.
Andrew has been the source of most of these Manitoba plates.

The FLE code on the left indicates this a farm truck plate.

Manitoba Taxi plate expiring in 76. Taxi plates were utilized in Winnipeg only.

Manitoba livery plate expiring in 76. Livery plates were utilized like taxis, but were allowed both inside and outside Winnipeg.

Manitoba repairer plate expiring in 76.

Manitoba snowmobile plate expiring in 76.

Manitoba snowmobile plate used from 1976 to 1979

Commercial Truck Quarterly plates

Commerical truck plate issued in 75 for expiration on 2/28/76.
When someone discovered that 1976 was a leap year containing an extra day, the plate on the right was issued for expiration on 2/29/76.

1976 commercial truck plate with 1976 serial number.
Interesting find for my collection from Andrew Osborne of Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 31, 1976 expiration Manitoba commercial truck plate.

August 31, 1976 expiration Manitoba commercial truck plate.

November 30, 1976 expiration Manitoba commercial truck plate.

This commercial truck plate was issued in 1976 for expiration on 2/28/77

Public Service Vehicle Quarterly plates

PSV plates were issued for vehicles delivering goods within the Province of Manitoba.
An X on the plate meant that it operated extra-provincial

1976 Manitoba dealer license plate expiring on February 28, 1977

Manitoba public service vehicle bus plates used during 1976.

1976 Manitoba commercial truck plate used until February 29, 1980, as noted by the sticker on the bottom left.

1976 Manitoba Delivery Car plate as noted by the DCB prefix.
DCA up to about DCD were for florists, pizza delivery, couriers, anyone making deliveries.

1976 Manitoba remote area plate

1976 Manitoba medical doctor plate.

1976 Manitoba amateur radio operator plate.

1976 Manitoba U-Drive license plates for rental cars.

First issued in 1967, the Manitoba vintage auto plates were used during 1976, and are still in use today.

1976 Manitoba trailer plate.

1976 Manitoba motorcycle license plate.
When picking up 76 Manitoba license plates, you have to check the numbers closely.
Many of the 76 bases were actually put out well into the 80's.
The A lettering gives an indication of earlier issue and use.
This is one that was probably first used in 1976. It has a 1977 sticker on it that states an expiration of February 28, 1978.
Thanks to Andrew Osborne of Winnipeg, Manitoba for help on this particular issue.

1976 Winnipeg, Manitoba dray plate

1976 city and town bicycle plates from Manitoba.

Many of these plates came from Andrew Osborne, ALPCA#3259, of Winnipeg, Manitoba

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