Through March of 1976 unstickered plates were valid for registration.
By the end of March, motorists had to add the 1977 expiration tab shown above.

Maryland issued these undated plates in 1975 for 1976 expirations. By the end of March it needed to carry the 1977 expiration tab shown on the plate on the right. These were steel plates with white painted backs. Late in the F series and into G, plates were made of aluminum, as shown below.

1976 Maryland sample plate.

Maryland 1977 sample stickers issued in early 1976, and sent to other state motor vehicle departments and law enforcement agencies
See letter from Maryland Department of Transportation that came with the stickers.

For an initial fee of $5.00 Marylanders could purchase this Bicentennial plate in 1976, instead of the regular issue plate, to be used with tabs over the next five years.

This paper plate example was issued by the Maryland DMV to those who wrote to them in 1976 requesting sample license plates of the bicentennial issue. This particular paper plate was sent to me by Whit Whitworth, ALPCA 1000, New Boston, Michigan.

Metal versions of the plate are shown below, and are more difficult to come by. I was not able to find one in the last 7 years until the two shown below popped up on eBay in early 2003. I do not believe they were originally available to the general public.

This paper plate version of the red on white 1976 license plate came with a letter from the Maryland DMV explaining that they no longer issued metal samples. Thanks to Duane Johnson of Topeka, Kansas for supplying the paper plate, letter and accompanying press release.

1976 Maryland truck plate.

1976 Maryland farm truck and dump truck.

1976 Maryland tractor plate.

Maryland historic vehicle plates issued in 1976. One has a 77 tab and the other an 80 tab. As you can see there are two different styles of numbering.

1976 Maryland state government plate.

1976 Maryland special equipment license plate used through 1980

1976 Maryland local government plate.

A series Maryland trailer issued in 1976. B series 1976 Maryland trailer plate with 77 expiration tab.

1976 Maryland House of Delegates license plate on Bicentennial base with 77 expiration tab.
1976 Maryland Adjutant General license plate on Bicentennial base with 80 expiration tab.

1976 Maryland House of Delegates and U. S. Senate plates in top row.
1976 Maryland House of Delegates and State Senate in bottom row.

1976 Maryland School Bus plates with 1980 expiration tabs

1976 Maryland motor bus plate
1976 Maryland school charter plate

1976 Maryland Finance plate with 1980 expiration tab

1976 Maryland hire plate

1976 Maryland multi-purpose vehicle plate used through 1980
1976 Maryland wrecker plate updated for 1977

1976 Maryland handicapped plate used until 1980.

1976 Maryland Civil Air Patrol license plate

1976 Maryland disabled American veteran plate used to 1980

1976 Maryland American Legion license plate on the left. The AL prefix was reserved for American Legion members in Maryland. This plate was utilized into 1980.
VFW prefixes were utilized for Veterans of Foreign Wars members. This plate was utilized through 1978.

1976 Maryland dealer plate used through 1980. What look like holes on either sides of both 4's are actually rivits that hold a plastic pouch onto the back of the plate. The pouch holds an updated registration card. See below

1976 Maryland amateur radio operator plates issued for 1976 and used to 1980.

1976 Maryland recycler plate used through 1979 expiration.

1976 Maryland Motor Freight plate used to 1979.

1976 Maryland charter bus license plate used until March 31, 1980

1976 Maryland motorcycle plate and motorcycle dealer plate

1976 Maryland fire department plate and fire department truck plate used through 1980.

Maryland State Police license plate utilized between 1963 and 1984. The C in the serial number would stand for the troop barracks.

1976 Maryland vanity license plates on the regular and bicentennial bases.

This plate would have been issued in 1976 to those who do sports fishing on Assateague Island off the coast of Maryland, The AMSA is the Assateague Mobile Sportsfishermen's Association. These plates were sold by the AMSA as an identification device among members fishing on the island.

Maryland Montgomery County Incinerator and Landfill permit license plates expiring on June 30. 1976 and June 30, 1977

Cardboard Maryland 30 day Temporary Tag utilized from February 25, 1976 through March 26, 1976

1976-77 Baltimore, Maryland Food Venders cart license plate.

Click on plate for larger image

1976 Baltimore, Maryland One Horse shay and push cart plates

1976 American Revolution Bicentennial Association license plate attachment made for Rising Sun, Maryland

1976 Charles Evering Veterans of Foreign Wars license plate attachment
Baltimore, Maryland

1976 College Park, Maryland Boys Club license plate attachment

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