1973 Michigan plates updated with 75 expiration tabs were valid through February of 1976.
Michigan issued a Bicentennial themed plate, shown on the right, for 1976.
The NMB prefix indicates that this was a mail order plate.
The prefix cannot be attributed directly to a county issuing office.

Michigan 30 Day In-Transit Permit expiring on July 31, 1976

Sample version of Michigan Bicentennial plate.

1976 Michigan light commercial license plate for pick-ups, vans, etc.
The two letter prefix at the end of the plate represents a serial number for a light commercial plate.

1976 Michigan heavy vehicle commercial plates.
Elected Gross Vehicle Weight stickers are added on the bottom.
The ALPCA archive notes the following weight classes as being verified: 24, 28, 32, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 80, 100, 115, 130, 131

Half yearly Michigan commercial plates

Half yearly commercial plates with elected gross vehicle weight stickers

1976 Michigan farm plates.
Michigan used commercial plates with the farm sticker for farm trucks
I am not sure what the special farm plate was used for.

1976 Michigan State Police license plate.

Municipal plates (3 types)

Muncipal plates are noted by the X in the serial number.
The one on the right is similar to the one on the left except the embossed 76 in the lower left corner has been removed.
These plates were used on city and county vehicles. The one with no 76 is still in use on Michigan roads.

Notice that the X is larger on this plate than the other municipal plates.
The large X is used by the University of Michigan.
Thanks to Greg Gibson, ALPCA #1208 of Fenton, Michigan for the information on Michigan municipal plates.

1966 base Michigan municipal and non-profit plates first issued around 1970 to 1975 and used well into 1976

One of two types of Michigan state owned license plates. Type 1 uses an MSG 000 serial, while the type 2 shown above uses 5 and 6 digit number serials.
The first two letters in the serial were used on different types of vehicles according to the ALPCA Archives.
01 = Highway Dept
02 = Highway Dept Truck
03-05 = Highway Dept Heavy Equipment
08-09 = Transportation Pool, used by all departments
11 = Vehicles assigned to specific agencies by the Bureau of Management & Budget
12-17 = Department of Natural Resources
71-72 = State-owned vans used as small busses

1976 Michigan dealer plate

1976 Michigan manufacturer's plate

1976 Michigan repossession plate.

1976 Michigan school bus plate.

1976 Michigan license plate for vehicles of non profit organizations.

1976 Michigan in-transit repair plate.

1976 Michigan transporter plate.

1976 Michigan Special Equipment plate

1976 Michigan handicapped license plate

1976 Michigan trailer plate. Trailer plates consisted of an all numerical serial.

This style of Michigan Historic Vehicle plate was issued c.1971 and used well past 1976

1976 Michigan amateur radio operator plates with one used through 1978

1976 Michigan vanity license plate.

1976 Michigan State Park Carriage Tour license plate

1976 City of Mackinac Island Sight Seeing Carriage and Dray license plates

1976 Michigan motorcyle and motorcycle dealer plates

This type of Michigan exempt motorcycle plate, which was used on local police motorcycles, was in use from 1966 into 1976.
In 1976, they started replacing this plate with a white on red one.

1976 Michigan Public Service Commission plate.

Small Benton Harbor, Michigan city license plates used during 1976.
Pat Richard of Michigan indicates that these were used on taxis.

1976 Detroit, Michigan furniture mover, parking lot, junk truck wagon and landscape and tree operator plates

Click on plate for larger image

Flint, Michigan garbage collector license plate used from May 1, 1976 to April 30, 1977
Flint, Michigan veteran license plate used from May 1, 1976 to April 30, 1977

Flint, Michigan ice cream cart license plate used from May 1, 1975 to April 30, 1976

1976 Hazel Park, Michigan Peddlers License Plate expiring on April 30, 1977
Dearborn, Michigan Excavting and Grading equipment plate expiring on December 31, 1976

Wayne, Michigan taxi plates used during 1976

1976 Saginaw, Michigan Inter-City Bus plate expiring on April 30, 1977
1976 Saginaw, Michigan Huckster plate expiring on April 30, 1977

1976 44th Annual Convention Plate for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
Convention was held in Dearborn, Michigan August 29-31, 1976

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