This tab was issued in 1975 to be placed on 1974 Minnesota plates for showing expirations in 1976.

Different dies were used on the 1974 base. Orange numbers vary from light orange to red-orange.
Below are the different varieties of the 74 Minnesota passenger plates.
1. AA 1000 to CP 9999, Illinois number dies & steel
       2. CR 1000 to ED 9999, Illinois number dies & aluminum
       3. EE 1000 to KZ 9999, Minnesota 1960 number dies & steel
       4. LA 1000 to NM 4999, Illinois number dies & aluminum
       5. NM 5000 to NZ 9999, Minnesota 1960 number die & steel
       6. PA 1000 to the end, Minnesota 1978 number dies & steel. The PA and later plates were a later issue of the 74 base, and would have most likely received a 77 expiration sticker at the earliest. How the one above has a 76 placed on it is somewhat of a mystery. It may simply have been a later add on by a collector.

In 1976, Minnesota passenger plates received this 1977 expiration sticker.

1974 Minnesota sample with 76 tab.

The stacked YW indicates that this is a 1976 station wagon plate.

Minnesota truck plates issued in 1976 were a different color than the passenger car plates. They were dated using the tab in the bottom middle of the plate. (See below) These white on red tabs denoted the weight for non farm trucks. E meant this plate was for a truck up to 9,000 lbs.

Notice the smaller letter die change in the non farm truck below.

This non farm truck plate is for a truck weighing between 63,001 lbs. and 69,000 lbs. as noted by the Q tab at the bottom center.

1976 Minnesota Urban Truck plate and tab, and a 74 Minnesota urban truck updated with a 76 tab. Notice the U in the 76 below.

1976 Minnesota Farm Truck plates and tabs. The F in the tab on the left plate indicates a weight class of 9,001 to 12,000 lbs.The O in the tab on the plate on the right designates the weight class at between 51,001 lbs. and 57,000 lbs.

1976 tab used on semi trailer and apportioned license plates. Note the S in the 76.

The stacked SA indicates this is a semi-trailer license plate. Two different fonts were used for the SA

The stacked PT indicates this is a semi apportioned plate. Two different styles of dies are used on these plates.

1976 Minnesota apportioned plate and tab.

The R prefix is for a Recreational Vehicle plate. Note the R in the 76 in the blue tab below.

1976 Minnesota trailer plates denoted by the stacked ZE and ZF. (Two different letter dies) Note the Z in the 76 in stickers below, also.

The stacked RB indicates that this is a Travel Trailer plate. Note the R.A. in the 76 below.

This type of undated plate was used by dealers in Minnesota in 1976.

Type of plate used in 1976 for new vehicle transit for dealers.

1976 Minnesota bus plates with tab, and 1974 Minnesota bus plate with 76 bus tab.
The ALPCA archive notes that plates with a BY prefix were used on charter and school busses.

1976 Minnesota Intracity bus plates.

1976 Minnesota school bus expiration tab as noted by the small SB in the 7. Below is a 74 school bus plate with the 76 tab. The plate on the right is a 1976 issued Minnesota school bus plate.

1976 Minnesota motorcycle license plate and tab. Note the M.C. in the 76 in the tab below.

Minnesota motorcycle dealer plate utilized in 1976.

The ALPCA archive dates these moped plates starting in 1978. The 76 sticker on the left is an S non passenger sticker usually used on semi trailers and apportioned plates. The 77 sticker on the right is a motorcycle sticker. My best guess is that someone placed these stickers inappropriately on these plates. I'd be interested in any other information anyone might have on them.

1975 through 1986 license plate used for government vehicles including Minnesota State Patrol vehicles.

Tax Exempt motorcycle plate used in 1976. Used on government vehicles, including State Patrol motorcycles.

1976 Red Lake Band/Chippewa Indians license plate distributed from the reservation located in Minnesota.

Black on gold plates for antique and historic cars were first issued in 1953. By the number 10,000, Minnesota began using a reflective background like the one shown here. It is most likely that by 1976 the reflective issues were being handed out.

Minnesota amateur radio operator plates with March 1976 and August 1977 expirations.

Minnesota Citizen's Band radio operater plate with August 1976 expiration.
Minnesota Citizen's Band radio operator plate with April 1977 expiration.

1976 Minnesota non passenger sample weight tabs or stickers (except for the green F code weight sticker).
Row 1: B weight code? and Z for trailer. C weight code? and R for recreational vehicle
Row 2: C weight code? and Z for trailer. E weight code for vehicle up to 9,000 lbs and R for recreational vehicle
Row 3: F weight code for vehicle 9,001 to 12,000 lbs and RA for travel trailer. O weight code for vehicle 51,001 to 57,000 lbs and Z for trailer.

I was able to obtain most of the Minnesota non-passenger plates with help from Danny Beard, ALPCA 7042, Woodinville, Washington.

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