1976 expiring plates issued in 1975 with the month of expiration embossed in the upper left of the plates
Earlier issues, up to May, were yellow on a lighter blue, but were difficult to read so the blue was darkened

Sample version of plate expiring in January 1976

This Bicentennial themed plate replaced the 76 plate shown above
They were issued in 1976 for expiration in 1977

Sample version of Bicentennial plate expiring in January of 1977

Missouri issued these red on reflective white plates to low numbered registrations
They show expiration in January 1976 and saw their primary use during 1975
Using the regular base low numbers were issued in 1976, expiring on January of 1977

1976 and 1977 Missouri replacement plates, as noted by the R separator in the middle

1976 Missouri truck plates for beyond local trucks from 6,000 lbs. up to 12,000 lbs
The plate on the left was issued in 1975 for expiration in November of 1976
The plate on the right was issued in 1976 for expiration in September of 1977
The one below expired in October of 1976

Missouri beyond local truck plate for 12,000 lbs and above used during 1976

1976 Missouri local truck plate for truck weight 6,000 to 12,000 lbs
1976 Missouri local truck plate for truck weight beyond 12,000 lbs

1976 Missouri local truck plates in the 18,000, 24,000, 30,000, 36,000, 42,000, 54,000 and 60,000 lbs weight classes

1976 Missouri local bus plate in 37,000 lbs weight class

1976 Missouri truck in the 18,000, 24,000, 30,000, 36,000 and 72,000+ lbs. weight classes

1976 Missouri trailer plate
1976 Missouri trailer plate with 1976 St. Louis trailer tab

1976 Missouri apportioned trailer plate

Missouri recreational vehicle tab issued in 1975 found on 1976 plate, as shown below


Missouri plate issued in June of 76 expiring in June 77 for recreational vehicle is shown on left. Unique tab shown below.

1976 Missouri private school bus plate and regular school bus plate

1976 Missouri car dealer plate
Missouri dealer plates came with local city dealer stickers or metal tabs attached

St. Charles, Missouri dealer sticker added to Missouri dealer plates

1976 and 1977 expiring Belton, Missouri metal tabs that were added to 1976 Missouri dealer plates

1976 St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri dealer tabs

Sample version of a Joplin, Missouri metal plate which would have been added to a Missouri dealer plate
It is actual size in relation to the other plates on this web page

1976 Independence, Missouri dealer plate

1976 Claycomo, Missouri dealer plate

1976 Missouri dealer replacement plate as noted by the small R between the D and 7

Missouri amateur radio operator plates issued in October of 1975 and expiring in October of 1976
Like the passenger plates, the earlier issues were somewhat hard to read and the letters were later "brightened"
Notice also that the Oct and 76 were switched in position, and the backs are different

Below is the plate issued in October of 1976 and set to expire in October of 1977

Missouri Historic Motor Vehicle license plate in the style used during 1976

Missouri motorcycle plates used during 1976.
The one on the left was issued in 1975 and set to expire in April of 1976
The one on the right was issued in 1976 and set to expire in April of 1977

1976 Missouri motorcycle plate with 1976 Jefferson City motorcycle plate attached

1976 Missouri motorcycle dealer plate
1976 Missouri motorcycle dealer replacement plate

1976 Independence, Missouri scooter/motorcycle registration attachment

1976 Missouri press car license plate attachment

1976 St. Louis, Missouri public mover license plate

Unionville, Missouri trailer plate expiring on June 30, 1976

1976 Kansas City, Missouri motorcycle license plate
1976 Gladstone, Missouri motorcycle plate

1976 Independence, Missouri windshield sticker

1976 St. Louis, Missouri bicycle license plate

1976 O'Fallon, Missouri motorcycle plate

1976 Cuba, Missouri taxi license plate

July 4-9 Imperial Shrine Council Session, Kansas City, Missouri booster plate

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