1976 Mississippi passenger car license plates were still coded for weight.
The alpha portion can be on the left or right side of the plate.
The weight classes are as follows:

A=1,800 lbs. or less
B=1,801 to 3,001 lbs.
C=3,001 to 4,000 lbs.
D=greater than 4,000 lbs.
Thanks to John Andree, ALPCA 3589 of Grand Rapids, Michigan for helping with the information on these plates.

Charles Fregeau of Palatine, Illinois reports that this is a substitute D weight plate.

1976 Mississippi license plate with 75-76 Hernando city sticker

1976 Mississippi license plate from Issaquena County (smallest population county in the state)

In late 1976, Mississippi motorists were issued the plate above. It would expire in October of 1977 and cover the last two months of 1976.
The plate also comes with November and December expiration stickers.

1976 Mississippi truck license plates. Mississippi trucks look very similar to the passenger plates.
However, they used the FAA 000, RAA 000 and PAA 000 coding.
Note the one on the right that does not have a county name at the bottom.
The PZY may also be a substitute plate as ZZ and later ZX and ZY were used to connote substitute plates.

1976 Sample Plate

This supplemental Bicentennial plate was available for $1.00, and could be displayed on the front of the vehicle, in conjunction with the regular registration plate.

1976 Mississippi ambulance plate

1976 Mississippi private trailer plates used until October 1976.

Mississippi private trailer substitute plate expiring on October of 1976
Mississippi private trailer plate issued in late 1976 and used into 1977.

1976 Mississippi house trailer plate

Mississippi county owned trailer plate expiring in October of 1976

1976 Mississippi National Guard plate and 1977 Mississippi National Guard plate used the latter part of 1976.

1976 Mississippi Highway Patrol license plate
1976 Mississippi County Sheriff's license plate

Dealer license plates covering from November 75 through October 76, and November 76 through October 77.

1976 Mississippi Ex-Congressman's license plate
1976 Mississippi U.S. Senate plate

1976 Mississippi Public Service Commission plate, and 1977 Mississippi Public Service Commission plate used the last couple of months of 1976.

1976 Mississippi Public Service Commission bus plate.

1976 Mississippi School Bus and Bus license plates.

1976 Mississippi church bus license plate used through October of 1980.

1976 Mississippi county truck plate. The number under the C is the weight tonnage of the truck.
The plates have been seen with the following tonnage designations: 5 6 10 16 20 24 26 30 36 40 46 50 56 60 64 73 and 75

1976 Mississippi taxi license plate
1976 Mississippi dray plate

1976 Mississippi Tax Free license plate.

1976 Mississippi farm truck license plate has noted by the F prefix over the weight class number used until October of 1976.
After that, 1977 farm plates were used.
The following weight classes are noted in the ALPCA archive: 5 6 8 10 12 16 20 22 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 46 50 54 56 60 64 72 73

1976 Mississippi State Property license plates

1976 Mississippi motorcycle plate, and substitute replacement motorcycle plate.

1976 Mississippi motorcycle dealer plate.

1976 Disabled American Veteran plate from Mississippi.

Mississippi Antique Car license plate of the type used in 1976.

1976 Mississippi Shriner's motorcycle plate.

1976-1980 Mississippi Governor's staff souvenir license plate.

1976 Mississippi advertising booster plate

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