North Carolina updated its 75 plates with the above tab. Unstickered 1975 plates were in use through February 15, 1976.

1975 North Carolina sample plates with 76 tabs.

1975 and 1976 North Carolina truck plates. 1975 plates were allowed through March of 1976.

1976 North Carolina trailer plate.

1976 North Carolina vanity plate.

I am assuming this radio station plate is actually a vanity, as the ALPCA archive makes no separate provision for media plates for radio, newspapers or TV stations.

1976 North Carolina dealer plate
1976 North Carolina trailer dealer plate

1976 North Carolina disabled veteran plate and prisoner of war plates.

1976 North Carolina horseless carriage and horseless carriage vanity plate.

1976 North Carolina National Guard plate.

1976 North Carolina Civil Air Patrol plate.

1976 North Carolina Amateur Radio and Citizen's Band Radio plates.

1976 North Carolina rental car plate. Rental car plates used the RA through RF prefix.

1976 North Carolina handicapped license plate

1976 North Carolina motorcycle, motorcycle vanity and motorcycle dealer plates.

1976 North Carolina temporary motorcycle license plate

1976 North Carolina farm truck plate
1976 North Carolina mobile equipment plate

1976 North Carolina Exempt Truck plate

1976 North Carolina State Senate and State House of Representatives license plates.

1976 North Carolina Department of Transportation license plate.

The FAA prefix was used on North Carolina Highway Patrol license plates.
A picture of a patrol car with the FAA prefix license plate can be seen by clicking here.
This plate is also documented as being on a North Carolina patrol car.
The letter from the North Carolina DMV verifying it can be seen by clicking here.

City Plates

1976 City Tax plates

Firefighter plates from North Carolina cities and towns.

1976 Pinetops, North Carolina Rescue Squad plate.

1976 Concord and Eden, North Carolina motorcycle plates

1976 booster plates from Washington, North Carolina.

1976 Goldsboro, North Carolina and Rocky Mount, North Carolina booster plates.

1976 Winston-Salem, North Carolina booster plate
Charlotte Mecklenburg County, North Carolina 1976 booster plate

1976 Fayetteville-Cumberland County booster plate

Privately issued 1976 North Carolina American Revolution bicentennial booster plates.

Bicentennial North Carolina front booster plate made of pewter type metal.
My guess is it is not actually pewter, but some metal composite, as it is made by the Wilton-Columbia (now Wilton Armetale) Company of Pennsylvania.
The back side notes a copyright of 1974 with an All Rights Reserved Bicentennial Commission of North Carolina. NC 76 and Forward.

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