North Dakota 1975 expiration tabs were good through the first three months of 1976.
The 1976 tab followed and was good until March 31, 1977.

Early number issues of the North Dakota 1974 plate were made in the North Dakota prison, as are the plates shown on the left.
The plates on the right was made by the Polyvend Corporation.
You can see the difference in the dies and color in the serial numbers easily.
There is a difference across the top, also, with the width and placement of the N. Dakota and 74.
A close up is shown below.

1974 sample plate with 1976 tab on left. Sample plate with 76 sample tab on right.
These are Polyvend Corporation made plates.

1975 tabs were used into 1976 on passenger cars, and 1976 tabs were used in 1977.
Sample tabs are shown above with the North Dakota prison made versions of the sample plate shown below

1974 official plate updated with 76 tab.

1974 new car dealer plate, as noted by N prefix, with 76 tab on left.
1974 used car dealer plate, as noted by the U prefix, with 76 tab on right.

1976 North Dakota manufacturer's representative plate.

1976 North Dakota trailer plates.
The one on the left is made with a lighter background and was most likely issued after 1976.

1974 North Dakota truck plates of both die types, updated with 76 expirations.

In 1976 different colored tabs were used for farm vehicles.
Below is the North Dakota 74 truck base with a 76 farm tab on the left.
On the right is a well weathered 1975 base North Dakota truck time plate with a well weathered 76 sticker
Thanks to Roy Carson, ALPCA#17 for digging out the information on different 1976 North Dakota tabs.

1974 North Dakota house plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker
1974 North Dakota mobile home plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker

1976 North Dakota travel trailer plate.

Example of the Governor's plate for 1976. These were issued and available like sample plates.

North Dakota United States Senator license plate used from 1974 through 1979.
Other year stickers are buried beneath the 79 sticker including 75, 76, 77 and 78.
U.S. Senators received serial numbers 2 & 3, the U.S. Congressman received serial number 4 the
House Majority Leader received number 5, Lt. Governor received number 6
Secretary of State received number 7

North Dakota Governor's plate used from 1974 through 1978

Mid 1960's issued and 1975 North Dakota pioneer plate with non-reflective background for antique vehicles still in use in 1976.

1976 North Dakota private trailer plate.

1976 North Dakota motorcycle plate.

1976 North Dakota commercial plate with 79 expiration sticker. These are the same size as motorcycle plates.

1976 North Dakota ton fee license plate updated through 1979

1976 North Dakota demonstrator and in transit license plates.

1976 North Dakota pro rated trailer plate with sticker shown below, and plate without sticker

1976 sticker used for pro rated fees paid in North Dakota for Interstate commerce.
The stickers were placed on waffle plates that were carried by large commercial trucks delivering goods across state lines.

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