Nebraska issued a Bicentennial themed plate for 1976. The number on the left side of the dot on the plate is a county code number. In the case of the plate on the left, 10 is for Platte County. The plates were made of aluminum, shown on the left, and galvanized steel, shown on the right. The 10-HS61 is a very late issued plate and, if issued at all, would have come out about 1981. 10-K307 has yearly expiration stickers stacked up to the year 1981.

1976 Nebraska plate issued in Madison County with grey coated back.

Counties 21 (Scotts Bluff) and 59 (Sarpy) stacked the county codes on their plates. I assume the black on blue month sticker on the plate on the right indicates the month of expiration.

In 1975, expiration tabs for 1977 were issued. The month of expiration is shown by the number. In this case, February, 1977. There were no 1976 expirations, and the 1976 base would not have been used without a 1977 or beyond sticker.

1976 Nebraska license plates with April 1977 and February 1977 expiration stickers. The 2 prefix would indicate Lancaster County. The 51 prefix is for Harlan County.

1976 Nebraska sample license plates.

1976 Nebraska commercial truck plates
Howard County plate on galvanized steel with 3 ton sticker and used through April, 1984.
Boone County plate on aluminum.

1976 Nebraska dealer plates issued in Platte County and Madison County.

1976 - Nebraska 30 Day plate.

1976 Nebraska farm truck plates
Madison County plate on galvanized steel
Thayer County plate on aluminum
Buffalo County plate with grey coated back

1976 Nebraska farm truck plate with stacked 21 county code for issuance in Scotts Bluff County
1976 Nebraska farm truck plate with a 71 county code for Kimball County, and the farm embossing floating as far to the right as I have seen it.

1976 Nebraska number 1 farm truck plate issued in Sioux County

1976 Nebraska mobile home plate.
Sarpy County plate on galvanized steel used through August of 1978
Boone County plate with grey coated back.

1976 Nebraska soil and conservation truck plate as noted by the A in the center of the plate. The 69 on the left means this plate was issued in Dawes County.

1976 Nebraska special mobile equipment truck plates were issued in Dundy County and Boone County.

1976 Nebraska local truck plate issued in Boone County.
1976 Nebraska local commercial truck plate issued in Platte County.

1976 Nebraska 6 month truck plate issued in Boone County.

1976 amateur radio operator plate used through 1984 with 3 ton truck sticker shown on the on left. On the right is a 1976 amateur radio operator plate.
Below is an amateur radio operator plate updated through December of 1977.
Notice the difference in the shape of the zero with the slash through it.

1976 Nebraska vanity plate

1976 Nebraska handicapped license plates.
Someone glued a three to the plate on the left, which was used to February of 1981.
I assume it was for a county number. 3 is the serial number for Gage County.

Government plate used in Nebraska from 1969 through 1977.

1976 Nebraska bus plate. The 28 would indicate it was issued in Hamilton County.

1976 Nebraska vanity license plates on galvanized and with grey coated back.

Nebraska historical vehicle plate. This type was first issued in 1975 and used into the early 80's

1976 Nebraska light trailer license plates issued in Otoe County and Boone County.

1976 Nebraska light trailer dealer license plate issued in Phelps County

1976 Nebraska cabin permit plate issued in Webster County

1976 Nebraska public service commission license plate.

1976 Nebraska transporter plate.

Nebraska grain buyer plates used during 1976.

1976 Nebraska motorcycle plates
Butler County motorcycle plate on aluminum
Platte County motorcycle plate on galvanized steel

1976 Nebraska motorcycle dealer plate issued in Platte County.

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1976 Nebraska snowmobile license plate.
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