Residents of Newfoundland & Labrador were issued this type of plate in 1976.

1976 Newfoundland & Labrador sample license plate.

1975 expiration tabs placed on 1973 Newfoundland plates were valid through the early part of 1976.


Plates with a C prefix were used on trucks and busses. The second number indicated weight class. The ALPCA archive notes that the weight classes began at C4 and went up to C24. The red background version of the C5 prefixed plate is shown in the second row..

1976 issued heavy truck plate as indicated by the CX on the left. This one was used through 1981.

The D on this 1976 plates indicates that it was used by a car dealer.

The F on this 1976 plate indicates it was used for a farm, forestry on mining industry truck.

1976 issued Newfoundland restricted use plate as noted by the R on the left. They were restricted to government use by Federal, Provincial and Municipal vehicles.

1976 Newfoundland trailer plate as indicated by the T on the left.

1976 Newfoundland machinery plate.

This is a test pressing of the 1976 Newfoundland plate. These were made with the digits 1980 embossed into them.

1976 Newfoundland ham radio operator plate.

1976 Newfoundland paint test sample. These were plates used to test color combinations, and never released for use on vehicles. This combination of colors was later used in the 80's. To the right is an R prefixed paint test version. R plates were restricted to government use.

1976 Newfoundland and Labrador tractor plate as noted by the TR prefix. The plate probably was not issued until 1981 as that is the only sticker on it.

1976 Newfoundland motorcycle plate.

Newfoundland motor carrier plates used during 1976

A number of these plates I obtained with the help of Shawn Auchinleck, ALPCA#7415, of Torbay, Newfoundland.

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