76 stickers were issued in 75 for expiration in 1976, and 77 stickers were issued in 1976 for expiration in 1977.
Unstickered 1975 plates were in use through March of 1976 when staggered registrations began using August-
December 1976 stickers and January-July 1977 stickers.

The plate on the left was issued in Hillsborough County. The single digit plate on the right was issued in Merrimack County

To make room for longer serial numbers on the 1975 plates, the county codes began to be stacked with plates issued in 1976.
The stacked RD on this plate stands for Rockingham County. The plate was used from July 1976 to June 1977.
On the right, is a nice December 1976 expiring New Hampshire plate from Rockingham County.

1976 sample tab placed on sample plates.

Four types of 1975 New Hampshire sample plates available from the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles during 1976.

1975 New Hampshire vanity license plate used through December of 1979
1975 New Hampshire trailer vanity plate in use from April of 1976 to March of 1977

State Police license plate utilized during 1976 in New Hampshire.

1975-76 New Hampshire Legislature license plate.

New Hampshire State Government style plate utilized during 1976

New Hampshire permanent plate style used for local county and city government vehicles during 1976

New Hampshire tractor license plate expiring November 1976.

New Hampshire commercial license plate with August 1976 expiration.

New Hampshire Citizens' Band Radio license plate with November 1976 expiration.

These front Bicentennial custom plates were made available to New Hampshire motorists in 1976 from the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles.

This commemorative custom license plate was authorized by the New Hampshire House of Representatives on May 12, 1976

1976 tab used on New Hampshire motorcycle and moped plates.

1976 New Hampshire motorcycle and moped license plates.

1976 New Hampshire boat tab.

1976 New Hampshire Boat and Boat Vanity License Plates.

1976 New Hampshire Rental Boat License Plate.

New Hampshire farm license plate expiring on October 1976.
New Hampshire farm license plate expiring in March 1977.

New Hampshire agriculture plate expiring in March 77

New Hampshire trailer plate with March 1977 expiration sticker issued in 1976.

Low numbered New Hampshire diesel plate used from April 1976 to March 1977.

1976 New Hampshire antique vehicle plate

1976 New Hampshire Town Custom Front Plates

There are 30 of these town custom plates that were issued in New Hampshire by local cities.
The Dover showing last is a variety on porcelain type enamel on a heavy plate.They could be used in place of the regular plate on the front of the vehicle in 1976.
All but one, an issue for North Hampton, can be seen by clicking on the name of Gerry Griffin of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.
Gerry notes that the state issued plate and the issue by the House of Representatives fits in the custom issue category, also. (See those plates above.)
The tradition continues, as New Hampshire allows cities and towns to design custom front plates to celebrate important events or fund the restoration of historical sites.
There are lots of these custom issues, but only the bicentennial issues contain the 1776-1976 dates.

Hampton and Hampton Falls, New Hampshire American Revolution Bicentennial Association booster plates.
Below are license plate booster strips from Keene, Winchester, Portsmouth, Laconia and Manchester, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire town American Revolution Bicentennial Association souvenir booster license plates and attachments.

1976 New Market, New Hampshire booster license plate attachment

New Hampshire temporary plate expiring on August 31, 1976

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