New Mexico issued tabs in 1976 to update its 1972, 74 and 75 plates. There were two types of tabs issued, as shown above. Both were prone to fading badly in the New Mexico sun.

These plates were first issued in 1972. Both are shown, as they have used the two different types of expiration stickers. In 1974, this type of plate was reissued made of aluminum instead of steel. The 1974 series began with BFD*000 and ended with BTN*000. The plates were redone again in 1976 with new dies and a new plate format (shown below) with space provided for a county sticker at top/center. The 1976 series began with BTN*001 and ended with CCX*000.

1976 issued plate with and without the county strips at the top.

72 style New Mexico base plate sample with 76 tab on left.
On right is an undated New Mexico sample plate with a 76 expiration sticker
Undated New Mexico freight trailer sample plate with 76 expiration sticker

Below is a New Mexico sample plate issued on July 15, 1976 to a Ronald H. Penrod of Glendora, California .

1976 New Mexico sample tab placed later type of New Mexico sample plate. These sample plates were actually issued in 1977, while some may have been issued in late 1976, according to Michael Wiener, ALPCA #1517, of Albuquerque, New Mexico

The 1974 embossed plates were issued to replace paper plates. The paper plates had originally been issued to new registrants in 1974 when the State Prison ran out of steel. The 74 base had a short life span, as the New Mexico DMV returned to a 72 type base as noted above in 1974. The one on the right shows both a faded 76 expiration and 78 expiration stickers

The 1975 Light Duty Truck plates updated with a 1976 tabs. Notice the difference in the placement of the 75.

1975 Recreational Vehicle base with both types of the 1976 expiration stickers

1976 New Mexico type 1 vanity or prestige plates.

According to the ALPCA archive, this plate comes in three variations.
The WNMU on the plate on the top left stands for Western New Mexico University.
I am told that it was once owned by the President of the university.
1976 NM plate was used in Santa Fe in 1976 on a 1972 Thunderbird

Below is a war veteran's type 2 vanity plate without the zia symbol, along with one with a zia symbol.

1976 New Mexico pro rated license plate.

New Mexico issued this front booster plate in honor of the Bicentennial.

This originally started as a prototype for a New Mexico Bicentennial plate to be issued in 1976.
When it wasn't issued, the Federation of Police bought them and sold them as booster plates for $6.00 a piece.

Undated 1976 New Mexico Mobile Home sample plate with 76 tab.

This plate was used from 1969 through 1976 by the New Mexico State Police.

In 1976, the New Mexico State Patrol issued their own plate for the US Bicentennial.
The State Police and New Mexico were not embossed and the plate included a sticker noting the Bicentennial on the left.
The maroon on reflective turquoise are hard to scan for accurate colors.
The image in the middle of the sticker is a yucca plant, the state flower of New Mexico.
Around the circle of the zia it states, New Mexico*State Patrol*Bicentennial*1776-1976.

1976 New Mexico State Representative plate
1976 New Mexico United States Senator plate for Senator Joseph Montoya

1976 New Mexico State Senator, Minority Floor Leader plate

Style of New Mexico drivers education license plate used during 1976.

New Mexico state owned vehicles license plate of the type used during 1976.

1976 New Mexico car dealer plate.

1976 New Mexico school bus plate.

New Mexico Horseless Carriage plate used on old restored vehicle. This is the type used during the 70's.

1976 tab used on 1975 New Mexico motorcycle plates to update them.

1976 New Mexico motorcycle dealer plate.

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New Mexico inspection and approval sticker used in 1976

70's style cardboard New Mexico movie prop plate.
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