Although tabs say December of the year as an expiration, there may have been a grace period into 1976 when the 75 tabs were still valid. The tabs were issued to Nova Scotia residents to update their 1972 and 1975 type plates.

Non reflective plates were first issued in 1972, while the reflective plates came out in 1975

1972 type Nova Scotia sample plate with 76 tab. Both the non-reflective and reflective versions of the samples used with 76 sample tabs are shown.

1976 Nova Scotia commercial plate.

1976 car dealer plate from Nova Scotia.

1972 Nova Scotia Class I vehicle or farm tractor plate with 76 and 77 expiration tabs.

1976 Nova Scotia Class II farm tractor plate.

1976 Nova Scotia trailer license plate

1976 Amateur Radio Operator license plate.

1972 motorcycle base updated with December, 1976 expiration sticker shown below.

1976 Halifax County, Nova Scotia taxi plate
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1976 Dalhousie, Nova Scotia taxi plate

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1976 Pictou, Nova Scotia bicycle plate

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