This tab was issued to residents of the Northwest Territories to place on their 1975 plates. Unstickered 1975 plates were in use through March of 1976.

1975 Northwest Territories 3 digit plate with 1976 expiration.

1975 sample plate with 76 sticker to update it

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1976 Northwest Territories sample stickers with letter sent in 1976

1976 rental car plate as noted by the RE prefix.

1976 trailer plate as noted by the T prefix.

1976 Northwest Territoires public service license plate.

1975 with 1976 expiration sticker commercial vehicle license plate on the left.
On the right, is a 1976 embossed commercial vehicle plate that is actually a prototype that was never issued.
They were made by the Robert Neal Co.
The company was responsible for a number of Northwest Territories and Newfoundland license plates.
When the company closed down, a number of these prototypes came to the fore. (See Newfoundland paint test plates on Newfoundland page.)
Thanks to Andrew Osborne of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Joe Sallmen of Fairmont, West Virginia, by way of Ottawa, Ontario for the background information on this plate.

1975 Northwest Territories dealer license plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker.

1972 Northwest Territories amateur radio license plate.
No amateur radio plates were issued from 1973 to 1976.
However, I am not sure if the 1972 plates were still in use in 1976.
The original owner of the plate Marsh Pysar notes,"
I was one of the most active hams in the NWT. I left the NWT in 1972 and there were no active hams in 73/74/75 that had vehicles so no Amateur Radio Plates were Issued. If I would have stayed longer I certainly would have had plates for all those years. Anyway after 1975 The Government started issuing some Amateur radio plates for collectors. There was a outcry that it was unfair to list amateur radio plates, as to be a ham you have to be government certified etc. So the practise was discontinued. I received 2 plates from the Government after 35 years for service I did during centennial year 1970 with my amateur radio call VE8NWT and VE9NWT. However they have little meaning as they are not dated 1970. But mean a lot to me.

1976 NWT motorcycle plate.

1976 Inuvik, Northwest Territories snowmobile license plate.

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