New York motorists were first issued this plate in 1973. It lasted until 1986
Beginning in 1973 registrations were updated with windshield stickers
Notice the difference in the width of serial numbers on these plates
The left plate is from the original 73 dies
It would have been the one that was possibly utilized during 1976
The right plate was issued well after 1976 and carries the 1980 dies.
272-BKT is a 1975-76 issue and 682-VYT is a 1980 issue. Both plates are from Suffolk County

"Virtually all thin die 6 character plates were issued in 1980. Most were V suffix plates except VS and VV, which were original issues. Other thin die New York plates are: UYA-UYH issued in Richmond County (Staten Island) which was a first test of these dies on 6 character plates sometime in 1979 and WXC-WXZ, WYX-WYZ, and WZA and WZZ, which were the last thin die plates issued later in 1980 into early 1981, at the latest. All New York 6 character orange plates have numbers ranging from 51-999 for regular series plates. New York 7 character A suffix plates were issued basically between 1981 and 1983 and B suffix were issued between 1984 and 1986 with BUR the final issue in mid-1986. T suffix dealer issued passenger plates can be dated as follows: TA's-1984, TB's-1985 and TC's-1986 with TCS the final issue." Mike McEnaney, ALPCA 3287, Islandia, New York

1973 dies, 5 digit general issue New York plate.

The 1976 windshield sticker, issued in 1975 for expiration in 1976, measured 1 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Windshield sticker backside

A sample version of windshield sticker is above.

Issued in 1976, these windshield stickers expiried in 1977.

New York inspection stickers.
The one on the left was issued in 75 for expiration in 76.
The one on the right was issued in 76 for expiration in 77.
These two have never been used and come with the covering film still on them.
The backsides are shown below.

A version of the stickers with the wax paper peeled off

74 sample plate still being issued in 1976 by New York.
The one on the right carries a 4/76 sample expiration sticker.

The plate on the right appears to be a vanity type plate because the letters come first
Vanities are noted for use until 1977. The vanity plate on the right appears to have the 1980 dies

"In 1977, New York began to allow 6 character word plates for the first time with large 1973 dies. The next year, in 1978 New York introduced the thin dies to allow 8 character vanity plates. There were limitations, such as numbers could only lead or follow letters and a dash, which counted as one character, could only separate letters and numbers. About 1982, all this was relaxed and numbers could be interspersed with letters and more than one dash could be used." Mike McEnaney, ALPCA 3287, Islandia, New York

New York commercial base. The left plate has 1973 dies, while the right plate carries 1980 dies.

73 New York Special Commerical license plate used during 1976.

1976 New York farm license plate.
These plates carried December 1976 expiration tabs like the New York trailer plates.
The plate on the right is an error plate with a letter O used in place of a zero in the number portion of the serial.
A 76 sticker resides beneath the 77 sticker.

1976 New York trailer plate
1974 base New York tractor plate of type used through 1976

1976 New York dealer license plate
1976 New York transporter plate

New York bus plate first issued in 1974 and used well into the 80's
New York livery plate first issued in 1974 and used well into the 80's

1973 New York school vehicle plate in use during 1976.

New York State Police plate utilized from 1973-84 and municipal police plate
1974 New York Nassau Police Department plate (never used on a police vehicle, however)

New York state owned vehicle plate. This type was used from 1973 to 1986.
The first two numbers indicate the year of manufacture of the vehicle it was on.
In this case, it would have been a 1959 vintage vehicle.

April 1976 and 1977 motorcycle expiration tabs.

1973 New York motorcycle base with April 76 and April 77 expiration tabs, and a sample version of the plate

Undated New York motorcycle plate with N and Y set closer together.

This style of moped and moped dealer plate was not issued until 1977
The numbers on this would indicate that the plates are late, stock left overs which probably would not have been issued unless they had an 87 or 88 sticker.
This is an example of someone putting leftover 76 stickers on newer plates.
Information was provided by James Schaller of Altamont, New York

Plate used by member of 1976 New York Congressional delegation

Judicial Plates


1976 New York state judge plate (JNY)
1976 New York Supreme Court Judge plate (JSC)
1976 New York Federal Court Judge plate (USJ)
1976 New York Family Court Judge plate (FCJ)
1976 New York City Court Judge Plate (JCC)
1976 New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Judge
1976 New York Surrogate Court Judge (SCJ)
1976 New York Court of Claims Judge
1976 New York Federal Custom Court Judge (JUS)

1976 New York District Attorney plate

1973 issued New York reserved number County Clerk license plates used through 1976
The plate on the left is from Dutchess County while the plate on the right was used in Nassau County

1976 New York television station license plate

1976 New York press license plates

Both of these 1973-86 style New York plates are listed under the Governor's heading in the ALPCA archive

1976 New York State Senate Plate on left.  1976 New York State Assembly Plate on right.

New York Historical car plate issued between 1972 and 1986.

1973 to 1986 style New York medical doctor license plates as noted by the stacked MD.
Notice the difference in the spacing of the 5 digit numbers.

1974-1980 New York Chiropracter plate

New York amateur radio operator license plate with what may be 1980 dies.
The 2 indicates it was issued in the Second Call District comprised of New York and New Jersey.
Call signs of two letters of this group are issued to Extra Class operators, which is the highest class of Amateur Radio Operators License.
Thanks to Edward J. Taublieb, KB2KVA for the information.
A check of the Nattional Association for Amateur Radio website indicates that the number is currently owned by Clarence B. De Weese of Madison, South Dakota since December 29, 1992.

Handicapped sample license plate that is an 80's issue (70's plates of the type had 5 digits)

New York license plate used on official cars from 1973 through 1986

Dark green on white 1976 New York thruway plate.

1976 New York Agriculture and Markets, Division of Animal Husbandry, Domestic Animal Health Permit plate

1969 New York Truck Mile Tax plate with December 1976 expiration
1973-75 Truck Mile Tax plate used in New York until expired in 76 and replaced with stickers

License plate issued in the Township of Hempstead and placed on waste removal vehicles

June 27, 1976 Eisenhower Park, Long Island Car Show, Model A Day booster plate.

New York movie prop license plates of the 1973 type plate, complete with fake dirt and scratches
The two above are made of plastic and metal
The two below are cardboard

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