A number of different serial configurations for passenger car plates were issued in Ohio in 1976
BC 2401=Cuyahoga County
U 1990 C=Guernsey County
M 12740=Franklin County
9925 XX=Mercer County

  It is always fun to find a plate with a serial number that has 1976 in it
This passenger car plate was issued in Summit County

1976 sample versions of the Ohio plate.

These April and May tabs were placed on 1974 Ohio license plates and expired in April and May of 1976
Plates carrying these tabs were on the road in 1976 until April and May
No other months were issued, and the 1976 plates replaced those shown below

These plates were made on aluminum, as the back below shows
The serial blocks for both were issued in Franklin County

These plates were issued on steel and used two different dies
The upper row used dies from previous Ohio issues, and the lower row used Illinois dies for the serial numbers
You can see the differences in the 9's and 3's in particular
A steel back is shown below. They were prone to rusting
W 5335 issued in Fairfield County
89475 issued in Franklin County
5579 NK issued in Preble County

A plate with a green painted back was also issued on the 1974 base plate
The serial number would indicate issuance in Marion County

1976 Ohio reserved number plate

1974 Ohio reserved initial plates used into April and May, 1976
These were sort of vanity type plates in which the first two or three letters were reserved initials followed by 1, 2 or 3 numbers

1976 Ohio replacement license plate
1975 stickered Ohio replacement plate used into early 1976

1976 Ohio dealer plate
1976 Ohio dealer replacement plate

Special dealer plates in use during 1976

1976 Ohio truck plate and inverted error version

1976 Ohio trailer plate

1974 Ohio farm plate with May 75 farm tab good through May of 1976 when the plate was replaced by the red on reflective white Ohio farm plate

Ohio farm bus plate used from late 1976 until August 18, 1977
Ohio farm bus plate used from late 1975 to September 3, 1976

1976 Ohio transit bus plate
1976 Ohio camp bus plate expiring on September 21st

1976 Ohio church bus plate
1974 Ohio church bus plate with sticker given out in 1975 for expiration in May of 1976

1976 Ohio Seniors bus plates

1976 Ohio house vehicle or house trailer plates came with two types of serial numbers
The all numerical serial shown on the left, and the serial with the alpha prefix on the right
The plate on the right has been updated with a sticker expiring in May of 1978

1974 Ohio house plate used until May of 1976
Tab shown below

1976 Ohio motor home sample license plate

Ohio city and county vehicle plates of the type used during 1976

1976 Ohio Former Prisoner of War plate
This one has an April 1980 expiration sticker

1976 Ohio amateur radio operator license plate

1976 Ohio Civil Air Patrol plate

1976 Ohio vanity license plates
The bottom one on the right is a replacement plate

1974 Ohio vanity plate used through April of 1976

1976 style handicapped plate
The ALPCA archive does not give a date for this handicapped plate.
It is listed as an undated 1978 version 

Ohio disabled veteran plate with sample version on the left of type first issued in 1974

1976 Ohio Commodore plate
According to information I have received, a Commodore is an honorary title given by the state for service to the state
As the writer noted, "For instance, if you are recognized for public service as a Red Cross volunteer, or an active Shriner, and you get the attention of the person that nominates prospective members, then you can be given the honor of a Commodore title."

1976 Ohio post office use license plate.

1975-79 utilized Ohio Historical Vehicle license plates
Used on vehicles greater than 25 years in age

1976 Ohio Collectors Vehicle plate

1976 Ohio radio and television station plates

1976 Ohio Volunteer Rescue vehicle license plate

1976 Ohio Member of Congress plate

This type of plate was issued in 1975 through 1976 to Ohio State Patrol troopers who had made five recoveries of stolen cars with arrests
A similar plate was issued in 1977 on aluminum
The 75-76 plates were made on steel

1976 Ohio motorcycle plate
1976 Ohio all terrain vehicle sample plate
Publicly owned motorcycle plate was first issued in 1974 and used during 1976

1976-78 Tiffin, Ohio bicycle license plate
1976 Tower City, Ohio bicycle license plate
1976 Maple Heights, Ohio bicycle plate

1976 Akron, Ohio bicycle plate

1976 Toledo, Ohio huckster plate

1976 Cleveland, Ohio food vehicle plate (repainted)

Temporary Ohio tag used from July 7, 1976 to July 29, 1976

1976 and 1977 Ohio Motor Vehicle Inspection window stickers

Sticker that went on the side of watercraft in Ohio to update their registrations for 1976.

1976 Ohio Bicentennial Booster license plate attachment

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