Oklahoma issued a Bicentennial themed plate for 1976. The PF on the plate on the left indicates that this plate was issued in Payne County.
Most passenger plates used a AA-0000 serial format.
However, when a county ran out of the possible serial combinations with that format, an extra letter was added in the prefix--like the plate on the right from Canadian County.

1976 Oklahoma license plate utilizing 3 numerals instead of 4. The plate was issued in Osage County
1976 Oklahoma, single digit license plate issued in Tulsa County

1976 Oklahoma sample license plates

1976 Oklahoma vanity plates

Oklahoma travel trailer plate for 1976.

1976 Oklahoma mobile home plates

1976 Oklahoma motor home plates with dark green and a lighter green serial numbers.

1976 Oklahoma State House and State Senate license plates.

1976 Oklahoma farm truck plate.

1976 Oklahoma license plate issued for state owned exempt vehicles and police cars.

1976 Oklahoma dealer and used vehicle dealer license plates.

1976 Oklahoma amateur radio operator plates with different spacing on the serial

1976 Oklahoma bus plate.

1976 Oklahoma private school vehicle license plate

1976 Oklahoma motorcycle license plates showing the two different types of serials used--all numercial and a letter prefixed version.

1976 Oklahoma motorcycle dealer plate.

1976 Oklahoma license plate issued for state owned exempt motorcycles and police motorcycles.

1976 temporary registration cards issued in Oklahoma.

1976 Oklahoma commercial truck and commercial trailer plate

1976 Oklahoma commercial truck and trailer plates issued with the wrong color serial

1976 Oklahoma commercial tractor plates. The one on the left with the TT serial prefix may be a half yearly tractor/trailer plate.

1976 Oklahoma taxi license plate

1976 Oklahoma rental trailer license plate.

1976 Oklahoma in transit plate

Liquified petroleum gas license plate expirng August, 1976

1976 Oklahoma motorcycle plate with 1976 Fort Sill sticker.

Oklahoma City Service Car license plates expiring on April 30, 1976 and April 30, 1977 in use during 1976

American Revolution Bicentennial Association booster plate issued for Oklahoma City and a Tonkawa, Oklahoma Bicentennial booster plate.

Privately issued Grove, Oklahoma, Bicentennial booster plate.

1976 Sac & Fox tribal booster plate.

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