1976 Pennsylvania Booster Plates

These four bicentennial booster plates were private issues made by the Ervite Corporation.
Most of the ones that I have seen appear to be unused and without bolt wear, which makes you wonder how many Pennsylvanians bought these enameled plates for the front of their cars

Perry Hi-Way Hose Company near Erie, Pennsylvania had this 1976 booster made by the Ervite Company.
Note the similarity to the other Ervite plates.




1976 Pennsylvania metal booster plate sold by the Wilton Brass Company of Columbia, Pennsylvania.
Shown above are the front and back of the plate. While the plate appears to look like pewter, the company calls the metal it was made out of Armetale.
The company brochure states it this way,"Armetale Metal is a fusion in precise proportions of ten different metals."
The plates were made through sand castings and hand pouring according to Wilton Company information, and are cared for with Goddard Pewter care to eradicate any stains.
The design is the Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

A privately issued Pennsylvania 1976 Bicentennial souvenir plate made by the Jarrett Company.
A version of this with black paint on the rim and lettering is shown below

This metal booster plate did not have a maker's mark on the back, so I am not sure where it was made

1976 Philadephia, Pennsylvania metal booster plate

1976 Pittsburgh Syria Shriners booster plate

1976 Pennsylvania booster plate
1976 Pennsylvania anti-pollution booster plate

1976 Breezy Tavern, York, Pennsylvania advertising plate
1976 Hicks Chevrolet, Greencastle, Pennsylvania advertising plate

1976 Colonial Tavern, Pottsville, Pennsylvania booster plate
1976 Sunderland Chevrolett, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania booster plate

1976 Indiana Sales and Service, Inc. of Indiana, Pennsylvania booster plate
U.S. Bicentennial Booster plate made by Deb-Kay Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Lukens Credit Union of Coatsville, Pennsylvania Bicentennial booster plate

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