Pennsylvania issued this 76 tab to be placed on 71 plates

This style of Bicentennial plate was issued in 1971 and updated with 76 expiration stickers
The most discernable difference in these plates is the upper right sticker wells
The plate on the left has a blank sticker well, while that on the right has a debossed 71 in it
A close-up of the back side is shown below
There also appears to be some slight paint differences in the back colors, and a difference in the length of the crack in the Liberty Bell

Below are back side scans of the Liberty Bell to show the subtle differences in width of the debossed crack
These examples came from sample plates

1976 Pennsylvania with tab that was issued to new registrations
When registrations where renewed, the stickers came with regular serial numbers

1971 style sample in which the 76 new registration tab is shown in the upper left box
Sample plates show the same differences as regular passenger car plates, with the slightly debossed 71 on some plates but not others
The variation in Liberty Bell cracks
The new registration stickers are often used on samples
The one in the upper right with the 72 new registration sticker shows the narrowest debossed crack in the Liberty Bell, but all seem to have some varying degrees of width in the crack

Governor's sample plate from the 70's

The T tab in the upper left means this was a temporary plate

1976 low number plate from Pennsylvania which I believe was issued like a vanity
Letters and numbers were allowed on vanity plates, but no spelled out words could be placed on plates until 1977 according to the ALPCA archive

1976 Pennsylvania vanity lciense plates
According to the ALPCA archive, from 1966 to 1977, words could not be spelled out on Pennsylvania vanity license plates
Combinations of numbers and letters were seen in alpha numeric combinations like the plates above and the ones below

Red 1976 tab used on commercial and trailer plates

1972 Pennsylvania commercial plate with 76 tab.
The plate on the right differs in that the upper left sticker well has a debossed 72 in it

1972 Pennsylvania trailer and tractor plates updated with 76 tabs

Undated used car dealer plates with 76 tab.
This type of plate was issued in 1975 and 197

1975/76 undated Motor Vehicle Business/New Car Dealer plate updated with 76 tab

1976 utilized Pennsylvania school bus and omnibus license plates

1976 Pennsylvania handicapped/disabled person license plates

1976/77 Pennsylvania bus plate

This type was first issued in 1954, and were used well past the 1970's for antique and historic vehicles

Pennsylvania official use plate used in 1976

This type of undated Municipal Government plate was used during 1976 in Pennsylvania

1976 Pennsylvania legislator's plate

Front plate used by House member in 1976
Plate is made of plastic with metal frame

1971 Pennsylvania amateur radio operator's license plate updated with 75 and 76 tabs

1976 Pennsylvania press photographer's license plate

1971 Pennsylvania motorcycle license plates updated with 76 tabs
Motorcycle plate from 1976 with temporary tab

1976 Pennsylvania motorcycle dealer plate
Click on picture for larger image

1976 Pennsylvania vehicle inspection sticker

1976 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Auto for Hire & Fuel Dealer license plates

1976 Ephrata, Pennsylvania garbage annual plate

1976 Pennsylvania Booster plates can be seen here

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