Puerto Rico updated its 1973 plates with 75/76 tabs and 76/77 tabs.

1973 plates with 75/76 and 76/77 tabs. The plate on the right also has a 77/78 tab as well.
The earliest bases appear to be on galvanized steel, while later bases with larger letters are on aluminum, as shown below.

73 style plate with larger letter in the center and 76/77 tab.
The plates with the same height letters came out later than those above.

Sample versions of the type of passenger plates used in 1976

Non passenger style 75/76 and 76/77 tabs that appear on a multi-tabbed 73 type trailer plate below.

The A suffix on this 73 plate would indicate that this is a trailer plate.

1975-76 and 76-77 expiration stickers used on Puerto Rico private truck plate

Puerto Rico school vehicle plate used in the 70's.

1975/76 used car dealer plates with 75/76 non passenger tabs.

1975/76 new car dealer plate from Puerto Rico.

Municipal government plate used during 1976 in Puerto Rico

Handicapped type license plates used during 1976. Base originally started in 1973.

1973 style tourist bus plates that would have been used in 1976 with proper stickers.

Puerto Rico motorcycle plate updated with 76/77 expiration sticker. A 75/76 sticker resides underneath the 76/77 one.

1975-76 Motorcycle Dealer License Plate

License plates from Puerto Rico can be difficult to obtain. One good source is Bernard P. Bandolier, PO Box 9197, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00908-0197. For example, he is the source of the multi-tabbed trailer plate shown on this page.

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