Passenger Plates with Narrow Map

From 1971 to 1983 passenger serial formats included 0-A0000, 00-A000, 00-AA00 and AAA-000; any other arrangement of letters and numbers are non-passenger, according to the ALPCA archives.

1975 Tennessee tabs were still valid the first two months of 1976.
The 1976 tab was issued to Tennessee drivers to place on 1971 and 1975 issued plates.

Both the narrow and wide height black on white license plates appeared first in 1971.
The back on these narrow map plates is painted dark blue and the metal is a light aluminum.
The plate on the left was issued in Montgomery County, as noted by the 10, and the one on the right was issued in Warren County, as noted by the 43. These two are in the 00-AA00 format, but differ in the dash separator.

Narrow map style plate witn 0 AA000 serial and dark blue back issued in Davidson County.

Narrow map style base with white back and 0 AA000 or 0 A0000 serial imprinted on aluminum.
The 5 would indicate it was issued in Sullivan County.

Narrow map style bases imprinted on aluminum with the 00 A000 serial format.
As you can see from the back there appears to be some variation in the dies used to print the serial numbers.
The 62 plate was issued in Crockett County, while the 86 plate would have been issued in Clay County.

Narrow map style base in AAA 000 serial format made on alumimum.
On this style of serial, I have not been able to identify a county code connection.
The serial dies on this plate appear to be wider than the other narrow map plates.
The ALPCA archive does mention that this type of serial may have been for replacement plates in 1975 and 1976.

Narrow map style base with 00 A000 serial format made on steel and with a white painted back.
The 46 on the left would indicate it was issued in Giles County.
The ALPCA archive mentions a thin gauge steel plate first issued to new registrants in 1975.
This, however, is a heavier steel and has obviously been issued earlier.

Narrow map style base on aluminum with 00 AA00 serial number issued in Gibson County

Passenger plates with wide map

A taller or wider map version of the 1971 base was also issued. Both plates above were issued on aluminum, carry the 00 AA00 format and have white backs.
So far, all of the wider map varieties I have seen have a white painted back, as do the plates above.
The plate on the left was issued in Roane County, as noted by the 16.
The one on the right was issued in Williamson County. Another difference in the plates is in the sticker wells in the upper left corner.
The 16 plate has very thinly debossed 71 in it, will the one on the right is blank.
See below for the reverse of the sticker wells.

Wider map style base with 0 AA000 serial variety.
This one was issued in Davidson County

1976 Tennessee sample plate with blue painted back is shown on the left.
Earlier issue 71 style issue with 76 sample tab and white painted back is shown on the right.

I am not sure if this is a 1975 Tennessee truck sample with a 76 sample sticker or not?

1976 Tennessee vanity license plates.

1976 Tennessee truck plates. Truck plates used a P + a second letter for a prefix.
Note the different dies in the 76 in the upper right corners.
Also the height of the Tennessee maps and Tenn lettering is different.

1976 Tennessee music bus license plate.

1976 Tennessee truck for hire license plate.
The H at the beginning of the serial number is what indicates a truck for hire plate.
The second letter is for weight class. In this case, I believe the weight class would be for a 20,000 lbs to 25,999 lbs. truck.

1976 Tennessee auxiliary police plate

Volunteer Firefighters plate issued in 1976.

Apportioned & Commercial Plates

1976 Tennessee Hire Carrier Apportioned Plate with H suffix
1976 Tennessee Household Goods Mover Apportioned plate with M suffix

Non Passenger Issues

There are a number of these plates with different ending letters in the serials, an embossed 76 in the upper right hand corner, and what I believe are county codes at the beginning of the serials.
Whatever the coding means, they are not passenger car plates.
A couple are shown above.
No one I have talked to yet seems to be sure as to the meaning of the suffixes, or the letters embedded in the serials.
There is some agreement that the first 1 or 2 digits represent a county code number. A guess based on reading serials on later issued plates might yield the following:

20Y44-H = Hamblen County mult county zone truck because of the Y in the serial
4S786-B=Hamilton County semi-commercial plate because of the S in the serial

Narrow map versions of the non passenger plates with both the white and blue backs.
Both of these serials carry a J which I believe may mean a "joint" plate issued for combined farm and limited private truck use.
The 2 on the one on the left would mean it was issued in Davidson County.
The 44 on the one on the right would indicate issuance in Giles County.

Wide map variety of this type of non passenger plate with both blue and white backs showing.
Again, guessing at the meaning of the serials I have come up with the following:
62J88-L=Crockett County issued joint plate (combined farm and limited private use truck)
14X37-G=Maury County issued multi county zone truck

1976 Tennessee multi-county zone truck plates as noted by the X in the serial with different map heights

1976 Tennessee municipal zone truck plate as noted by the Z in the serial
The JD in this 1976 Tennessee plate, in the seria,l notes a joint (combined farm and limited private) vehicle plate

1976 Tennessee plate issued to handicapped drivers.

1976 Tennessee dealer plate.

1976 Tennessee dealer plate with Memphis dealer plate attached.
This one has the DL style that the archive notes was similar to the serial numbers on heavy truck dealers, manufacturers and transporters.

1976 Tennessee taxi plate. ZG prefixes were used on taxi cab license plates
1976 Tennessee Tennessee fixed load truck plate as noted by ZL prefix

1976 style local government service plate.
The ALPCA archives are unclear as to actual issue of this type of plate.

1976 Tennessee mobile home dealer plate.

1976 Tennessee manufacturer's plate.

1976 Tennessee transporter plate.

1976 Tennessee National Guard plates with 2 different serial types.

1976 Tennessee Civil Defense plate.

1976 Tennessee rescue squad plate.

1976 Tennessee Handicapped Veteran and Former Prisoner of War plates.

1976 Tennessee Constitutional Convention delegate's license plate

1976 Tennessee Juvenile Court Judge plate.

1976 Tennessee sheriff license plate.

1976 Tennessee Civil Air Patrol plate

1976 Tennessee House of Representatives plate owned, at one time, by State Representative Dedrick James "Teddy" Withers of the 85th District
He served from 1975 to 1984, and was first elected at the young age of 22.

1976 Tennessee Judiciary plate
1976 Tennessee General Sessions Court Judge plate

1976 Tennessee Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) plate.

1976 Tennessee travel trailer plate as noted by the TE prefix.
The TM prefix would indicate a regular trailer plate.
T+any letter is an indicator of a trailer plate.
Notice the difference in these in the map height and the 76's.

1976 Tennessee amateur radio operator plate.
The 2 on the end would indicate it was for a second car.

1976 Tennessee motorcycle plate
1976 Tennessee motorcycle dealer plate

1976 Tennessee Shrine license plate

Tennessee Shrine motorcycle plate.
The 76 appears to be hand painted on the plate.
The ALPCA archive does not have a 1976 shrine motorcycle plate listed.
It may be that they were issued without a date, and the owner put the date on, or the issuing entity did it.
Dated Tennessee shrine motorcycle plates are noted for before and after 1976 in the ALPCA archive.

Front booster plate issued by Governor in 1976 for Honorary Staff.
The numbers on the plate supposedly reflected the vote totals for the Governor that year.
These apparently come with assorted prefix and suffix lettering.

7 day temporary license tag on paper issued during 1976.
This one was good from September 2 through 9 in 1976.

Privately issued 1976 NASCAR souvenir plate from Nashville, Tennessee Speedway.

American Revolution Bicentennial Association booster plates

1976 Chattanooga, Tennessee U.S. Bicentennial booster plate

Privately issued East Ridge, Tennessee American Revolution bicemtennial booster plate.
1976 Tennessee One Nation Under God booster plate

1976 Rockwood, Tennessee State High Football, Division A, Champions booster plate

1976 Tennessee advertising booster plate for Pepsi Cola
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