This tab was placed on 1975 plates to update them for 1976.

1975 plates with the star separator in the center did show some movement of the star
There is a 1/2 millimeter difference on where the stars relates to the bottom of the plates on these two issues
The DGG 759 plate would have been issued in Wichita County
The JJN 782 would have been issued in Rockwall County

1975 Texas base plates with the map separator, and updated with 76 expiration stickers
As you can see, there is some difference in the positioning of the map, and the whiteness of the reflective background on these plates

1976 Texas sample tab placed on 75 sample plates below

1976 Texas truck license plates with star and map separators

1976 Texas amateur radio operator plate

1976 Texas vanity license plate. (Can you picture this one on a big Lincoln with steer horns on the hood?)
1976 Texas vanity plate without a map separator

1975 Texas vanity plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker

1976 Texas truck and trailer vanity plates

Texas Antique Auto plate used during 1976
Plates were valid for 5 years starting 4/1/73

1976 Texas travel trailer, trailer and token trailer tabs placed on 75 travel trailer, trailer and token trailer plates seen below

1976 Texas apportioned trailer plates with star and map separator

1976 Texas combination plate

1976 Texas conservation plate

1976 Texas dealer plate

1976 Texas test car manufacturer's license plate

1976 Texas mobile home plate

1976 Texas State Official License Plate

1975 Texas Farm Truck and Farm Truck Tractor with 1976 tabs

1976 Texas Motor Bus plate

1975 Texas Machinery plates with star and map separators which would have been updated with a 1976 expiration sticker

1976 Texas Private Bus plate with star separator
1975 Texas Private Bus plate with map separator

1976 Texas Private Bus vanity plate

1976 Texas disabled veteran tab placed on Texas disabled veteran license plate shown below.

1976 Texas U.S. Judge and Texas State Judge license plates.

75 issued Texas exempt plate which could were in use in 1976. These plates went on government cars, including the patrol cars of Texas State Troopers
The ALPCA archive notes that exempt plates back to 1948 are still valid, and that in 1976 a version of the plate above was issued with a sharper state map separator
Both the map and star separator were used on these plates

Texas bay shrimp license plate expiring on March 1, 1976
Texas gulf shrimp license plate expiring on August 31. 1976

Texas bait shrimp plate expiring on August 31, 1976

1975/76 Texas Railroad Commission plates

1976 Texas motorcycle tab placed on 75 plate shown below

1976 Texas motorcycle vanity license plates

1976 Texas temporary tags and one trip tags on cardboard

1976 Texas permit plate

1976 Texas pro rated power sticker used on waffle plate

1976 Houston, Texas wrecker license plate strip

1976-77 Bellaire, Texas bicycle license plate

1976-77 cardboard Texas movie prop plate

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