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Two styles of 1976 expiration tabs issued that were issued in 1975 in Utah that went on its 73 & 74 base plates

Type 4

These types of plates were issued from late 1974 through 1978
There are three varieties of this plate with differences in the thickness of number dies and the beehive in the center.
Above are thin die varieties with a difference is the background paint being more off white on the left one. Below is a wide die variety of this type
Earlier issues were also done on galvanized steel, while later ones were done on aluminum

From ALPCA Feb. 97 Newsletter article by Alan Aitken(#5139), showing the 3 varieties of beehive separator

Feburary 77

1977 expiration tabs were issued in 1976 in Utah.

Type 1

Utah began issuing these plates in January of 1973 embossed on both aluminum and galavanized steel
Two sizes of dies were also used: wide 9/32" and 1/4"
The plate on the left above has a debossing around the edge that looks like a small gutter
The edge debossing on the plate on the right goes all the way to the edge
Both of these were made on galvanized steel
The ALPCA archive notes 6 different varieties of this plate

This 73 base shows mixed dies with the D and K being of the wide variety, and the H and 807 being narrow dies

Types 2 & 3

Type 2 is similar to Type 1, except the 73 is removed, as is the black embossed line on the upper and right side of the sticker well
Utah is left of center on the bottom. It is shown above on the left.
Type 2 is the most difficult to find
T ype 3 is like Type 2 except Utah is centered at the bottom.
Type 3 is shown on the right.

 Information on Utah passenger plates from this era is from February 1997 ALPCA Newsletter article by Alan Aitken (#5139)

August 1977 expiration on plate used in late 1976 in Utah

Utah sample license plates first issued in 1974 and through 1976
To the left is a wide die variety and a narrow die variety to the right with December 1976 sample expiration sticker
Both were made on aluminum
There is also a difference in the background reflective white paint with the plate on right being more off white
The variety in the beehive separator can be seen, also

1973 commercial plate with 76 tab shown on the left
1976 Utah commercial plates of the style issued beginning sometime in 1974 shown below
Serials beginning with LA through those beginning with WW were reserved for trucks, busses and taxis
Below is Utah commercial plate expiring in January of 1977

1976 Utah trailer license plate

Sample version of the type of Utah horseless carriage plate that would have been utilized during 1976

1976 Utah dealer license plate

1976 Utah motorcycle plates
P 3812 has wide dies and is made on galvanized steel
S 9115 has narrow dies made on aluminum with the back painted black

1976 Salt Lake City, Utah plate used to show payment of licensing fees in that city

1976 Utah power and trailer tabs shown on waffle plates below

Utah sign permit plate utilized in the 1970s

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