76 year stickers were issued in 1975 for expiration in 1976 for Virginia plates. 1977 stickers were issued in 1976.

1973 plate with 76 tab. The plate came in two die types, as can be noted in the Virginia embossing. Below is a close-up

1973 Virginia license plates with November and May 1977 expirations issued in 1976.

Sample version of regular 73 issue plate with 76 tab.

For an initial fee of $5.00 Virginians could place this Bicentennial themed plate on their cars.
The plate was to be valid for five years, updated with annual tabs.

Sample versions of Bicentennial plate.

Virginia vanity plates expiring on August of 1976

September 1976 expiration on Virginia Bicentennial vanity plate
June 1976 expiration on Virginia vanity plate
February 1977 expiration on Virginia vanity plate

1976 Virginia reserved number plates of both die types.
Numbers 1 to 10,000 and A1 to A10,000 were reserved for a small fee.

1976 and 1977 Virginia National Guard plates used during 1976.

1976 October expiration and July 1977 expirations on Virginia truck plates, as noted by the T prefix.

1976 Virginia truck for hire plate as noted by TH prefix, with February expiration.

April 1976 expiration on Virginia trailer plate

Virginia car dealer license plates expiring in March of 1976.
The center one is for a used car dealer
The plate on the right is for an independent dealer

Virginia factory distributor plate expiring in March of 1976

Virginia dealer license plate used from April 1976 to March 1977.

I am not sure if this plate is a Governor's plate or not
The ALPCA archive does not say, although it indicates other No. 1 plates as Governor's license plates

Purported to be 1976 Attorney General license plate

1976 Virginia State House of Delegates plate used to January of 1980.
The plate originally belonged to Delegate Alan E. Mayer, Democrat, House District 39.

Virginia diplomat plate used through 1976 to January of 1977

Virginia fire department plate expiring on February of 1977

Virginia apportioned license plates expiring in March of 1976 and 1977

1976 Virginia amateur radio operator's license plate and 1976 Virginia bicentennial amateur radio operator's license plate used through November of 1980.

1976 Virginia rental truck plate as noted by the RA prefix.
The R prefixed plate is noted in the ALPCA archive as being used for rental trucks or trailers.
Note the two different styles of dies in Virginia at the top of each plate.

1976 Virginia drive away license plate.

This style of dark blue on dark gray plate was used by Virginia State Police from 1940 to 1981.
You have to wonder how these plates could actually been seen, but then maybe that was the point in using such a color scheme.

Public U

Muncipal vehicle plates of the style used during the 1970's

State vehicle plate of the style used during the 70's.
Plate also came with VA PUBLIC USE embossed at the top

Virginia antique vehicle license plate used in 1976.
See registation below showing that the plates was purchased to be used from November 18, 1976 through to December 31, 1999.

1976 and 1977 expiring Virginia motorcycle plates.

Virginia motorcycle dealer license plates expiring in March of 1976 and March of 1977.

1976 Buena Vista and Gate City, Virginia town tax plate strips which would have been placed above or under the regular license plate

1976 Appomattox and Alberta, Virginia plate tax strips

1976 Hillsboro, Virginia plate tax strip
1976 Stafford County. Virginia tax strip

1976 Richmond County, Virginia truck tax strip

1976 Augusta County, Virginia trailer tax strip

1976 Abingdon, Virginia plate tax strip
1976 Manassas, Virginia tax strip

1976 Hanover County, Virginia trailer plate attachment

1976 Quantico, Virginia tax license plate attachment

Virginia 30 day temporary plate in use from June 10, 1976 to July 9, 1976 and January 13, 1976 to February 12, 1976
Virginia 45 day multi use tag in use from September 17, 1976 to October 31, 1976

1976 Virginia Junk Canvasser license plate
1976 Virginia licensed seller plate
1976 Virginia licensed retail seller

Click on stickers for larger view

1976 Caroline County, Virginia windshield sticker
1976 County of Loudoun, Virginia windshield sticker

1976 motorcycle plate for Buena Vista, Virginia
1976 Roanoke. Virginia motorcycle plate
1976 Augusta County, Virginia motorcycle plate
1976 Winchester, Virginia motorcycle plate
1976 Henrico, Virginia motorcycle plate

Richmond, Virginia bicycle license plate expiring on August 31, 1976

1976 Manassas, Virginia Fireman's license plate attachment.

1976 Richmond County, Virginia Fireman and Rescue Squad license plate attachments.
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