Virgin Islands

1975 Virgin Islands license plates used during 1976
C prefix=St. Croix
T prefix=St. Thomas
J prefix=St. John

To update auto registrations for 1976, residents of the Virgin Islands were given the above windshield sticker
Previous year plates continued to be used
The T indicates that this sticker was issued on St. Thomas Island

The HP in the letters above indicates that this is a truck plate
The T indicates it was to be used on the island of St. Thomas, and the C indicates issuance on the island of St. Croix
Like the passenger plate, this plate was used through 1976 with a windshield sticker to update for that year
The windshield sticker for a truck would have had a CHP, JHP or THP prefix in the serial number depending on the island
It would have been similar to the one shown at the top of the page

This 75 Virgin Islands government plate was updated with a 1976 windshield sticker like all other 75 plates in the Virgin Islands
The windshield sticker would have had a GT prefix in the serial number, and would have been similar to the one shown at the top of the page

The plate on the right may have been a temporary plate for official use of some sort

1975 Virgin Islands taxi plates from St. Thomas and St. John used during 1976 with white on red windshield sticker
The sticker would include a TP prefix in its serial number

1975 Virgin Islands-St. Thomas dealer plate

1976 Virgin Islands trailer plate

1975 Virgin Islands Travel Trailer plate used through 1976 and 1977 according to the ALPCA archive
The plate type is also listed as just a 75 trailer
In addition, the plates were used on rental cars on the island of St. John

1976 Virgin Islands motorcycle plates used on the islands of St. John and St. Thomas

1976 Virgin Islands bicycle plate

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