1975 Vermont expiration tabs were valid until the end of February in 1976
They were then replaced with the 1976 expiration tabs


1972 base plates with 76 tab
The plates issued in 1972 used prefixes from A through H, K through N, P and R through Y

In 1973, A through E suffixes were used for newly issued plates
In 1974, plates that were newly issued utilized 2 letters and three numbers, AM100 to LY999
1975 new issued plates were like the one on the right shown above using a 1 letter, 3 numbers, 1 letter combination. A1001A to A100M were issued

By the 1975 issues, the slightly debossed 1972 in the sticker well underneath the 76 stickers had been removed
On the right below is a reverse view of the 72 sticker well, and 75 sticker well with no debossing.

Three digit, low number 1976 Vermont license plate

1976 Vermont sample license plates
Both of these 1972 style bases look the same, but differ slightly in the 1972 debossing in the sticker well
The one on the right uses a narrower die

Interesting 1969 Vermont sample plates with 76 embossed in sticker wells.
You can see a larger image of the sticker well below, although the 76 seems somewhat faint

1976 Vermont new car dealer plate on left
1976 Vermont used car dealer plate on right

1976 Vermont vanity plates

1976 U.S. House of Representatives plate
1976 Vermont State House of Representatives plate

1976 Vermont antique car license plate

Vermont exhibit plates from 1972 were updated with 1976 expiration stickers

1976 Vermont handicapped license plate

1976 Vermont truck license plate
1976 Vermont special truck plate

1976 Vermont agriculture license plate

This style of Vermont State Police license plate was used from 1970 to 1984

1976 Vermont Highway Use Permit license plates

1976 Vermont bus plates

1976 Vermont heavy equipment dealer license plat

1976 Vermont plate for minor state official

1976 Vermont trailer and trailer dealer plates

1976 Vermont motorcycle and motorcycle dealer plates

1976 Vermont Public Service Vehicle plate

1975 Vermont Department of Agriculture Edgg Dealer plate expring March 31, 1976
1976 Vermont Department of Agriculture Egg Dealer plate expiring on March 31, 1977

For two years and $5.00, Vermont drivers could display this front Bicentennial booster plate

1976 Rockingham and Vernon, Vermont bicentennial plate attachments

1976 South Hero, Vermont booster plate

1976 Millbrook Store, Willoughby Lake, Vermont booster plate

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