Washington issued this tab in 1975 for 1976 expirations.
They were placed on older plates from 1963, 65 and 68.
During 1976, the state when issuing 1977 expiration tabs, began staggered regisrations.
You will see month stickers with 77 and beyond plates.
A few of the plates below have month stickers with 76 expiration stickers showing.
That indicates to me that newer stickers than 76 were probably peeled off.

1968 Washington base with 76 tab. The NEB prefix means this plate was first issued in Cowlitz County
1968 Washington base with 76 tab. The CWM prefix would indicate it was first issued in Spokane County

1968 Washington plates with 76 tabs and unpainted and painted backs.
YYN 085=Adams County
UAU 219=Okanogan County

According to Ian Slade, Redmond, Washington, ALPCA #6372,"The white back plates were the first batch of 1968 bases made.
They were manufactured using leftover metal stock from the previous base (65-67), which came prepainted in white on both sides.
The metal stock on the white back plates also feels heavier.
They just applied the reflective sheeting over the white paint on one side.
Once they ran out of these, they started applying the sheeting to new stock of bare aluminum."

1976 Washington sample tab placed on 1968 sample type plates.

All Terrain Vehicle
Consular Vehicle
Farm Vehicle
Passenger Duplicate
Travel Trailer

1976 Sample Tabs for Washington State.

1965 Washington plates updated with 76 tabs.
AIN 535=King County
DFH 162=Snohomish County. (Month stickers weren't used until after 1976 expirations.)

1963 Washington plates with 76 tabs and rounded 6 die.
KAN 585=Chelan County

CBC 792=Spokane County
GAJ 646=Clark County

1963 Washington plates with squared 6 die and 76 tabs.
EAU 863=Yakima County
ZZH 587=Asotin County

Vanity base plate used in 1976. In 1973 Washington began issuing these green on reflective yellow plates for vanity use
Green on white Washington vanity plate with 1976 expiration (not sure if this base actually existed in 1976)

Truck Plates

1976 Washington truck tab placed on older plates.

1968 Washington truck bases with 76 truck tabs.
The ALPCA archive notes that these plates can be identified by, "letter(s) prefix + 4 digits; letters used include A, G, H, L, P, T, U, X, GA-GZ, LA-LZ, PA-PZ, TA-TZ, XA-XZ."

1965 Washington truck base with 76 truck tab.
The ALPCA archive notes that the 1965 base used the following "prefix & serial with no separator:
"G", "P", "X", & "T"; "A", "H" (which were for diesel trucks)
"L", "U" & "X" + GA -GZ, PA-PZ, TA-TZ, XA-XZ, LA-LZ, UA-UZ.
During the LA-LZ series the diesel type was abandoned & H plates from around 30-40000 up + HA-HZ base renewed annually with stickers"

1963 Washington truck with 76 truck tab.
The ALPCA archive notes that that the plates can be identified by the letter prefix & serial with no separato:
; "G", "P", "X", & "T"; "A", "H" (for diesel, "L", "U" & "X" similar to the 1958 base. "U", "L", & "A" followed by GA to GZ, PA to PZ, XA to XZ, UA to UZ, and HA & up were used, also."

1976 Washington private bus plate as noted by the E prefix updated with 76 truck expiration sticker

Trailer Plates
Plates used for trailers and travel trailers used the same plate prefixes, just were stickered differently.
  • 1968 bases used 1 or 2 letter prefixes; F, J, Q, V, W, Z, FA-FZ, JA -JN, & WA-WZ
  • 1965 and 1963 bases used single letter prefixes

  • Washington issued a separate tab in 1976 for trailer plates.

    1968 style trailer plate with 76 tab.

    76 Washington Travel Trailer tab placed on older base plates.

    68 style trailer plates with 76 travel trailer tab.

    1965 style Washington trailer base plate in 1976 through to November of 1978. 1976 sticker is buried in the pile.

    1963 Washington trailer plate with 76 travel trailer tab.

    1976 Washington wrecker plate issued in 75 expiring in June of 76, and
    1977 Washington wrecker plate issued in 76 expiring in June of 77

    1976 Washington hulk hauler license plate expiring in June
    1977 Washington hulk hauler plate used from July 1, 1976 to June 30, 1977

    Washington State Patrol License Plate used during 1976. The plates were annually stickered through 1975, when the sticker shown on this plate was added as a permanent one.

    Exempt license plates.
    The B prefix indicates a state owned vehicle and the D prefix is a city owned vehicle.
    A county owned vehicle would have a C prefix.
    The green exempt stickers were first used in 1976.

    Two different types of 1963 issued State exempt plates updated with the green permanent sticker that was first issued in 1976.
    I am not sure which issue is the earliest, the with or without the dash separator.

    1963 Washington county use plate used through 1976

    Washington plate used from 1968 to 1977 by the Weights and Measures/CVE units of the Washington State Patrol.
    These were the units that manned the truck weight scales in Washington State.
    The 3 digits were the unit ID numbers.

    Washington Governor's license plates of the type used in 1976.
    I have seen a few of these, and assume they were sold for $2.00 through the Department of Motor Vehicles


    1976 Washington motorcycle tab used on 63 and 68 plate issues.

    1968 Washington motorcycle plate with 76 tab on left.
    The plate on the right is noted as a 1977 base Washington motorcycle plate according to the ALPCA archive.
    However, I believe it was issued earlier than that, as I have seen several with 76 expiration stickers.

    1965-7 style Washington motorcycle plate with 76 expiration sticker.

    1976 Washington motorcycle sample tab used on 68 sample base shown below on plate on the left.
    Plate on the right is a motorcycle sample first issued in 1976.

    The XX on this denotes that this plate is an exempt motorcycle like those used for 1968 through 1980.
    Therefore, it could have been used in 1976. These plates did not receive stickers

    1976 Washington motorcycle dealer plate with unique reflective tan background.

    Paul Petrinovich, ALPCA #4327, Aberdeen, Washington notes,"What you have (here) is a prototype. I have one that is 12345 done the same way.
    These were reportedly made up to see what an all number motorcycle plate would look like.
    There are also samples of this base that are green on white and 000000 with a sticker."

    1976 Washington Car Dealer plate
    1976 Washington miscellaneous vehicle dealer plate

    1976 Washington mobile home/travel trailer dealer plate

    1976 Washington reciprocity plate with a sample version shown on the right,

    This type of Washington horseless carriage plate was first issued in the early 60's.
    The ALPCA archive notes no different type of plate until after 1976.


    Unique pink on black 1976 Washington livestock dealer's plate.

    1976 Washington produce dealer's plate.

    1976 Washington cash buyer produce plate.

    1976 Washington transporter plate.

    1976 tab for Washington camper plates.

    1976 Washington camper plate.
    The one on the right has a sample tab on it and may have been issued as a request for a sample plate in 1976.
    Besides the slight color variation, there is variation in the upper right hand corner.
    The plate on the left has an etched box with a 72 in it. The one on the right does not.
    The difference can best be seen on the back of the plate with the area shown below.

    Washingotn camper plate used from November 1976 through October 1977

    1976 Washington pro rate tab for semi trailers placed on the type of plate shown below on waffle plates
    1976 Washington pro rate power sticker shown on waffle plate

    1976 Tacoma, Washington scrap metal dealer license plate.
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