Wisconsin 76 expiration tabs were issued in 1975 for expiration in 76.
Likewise, the 77 expiration tabs were issued in 1976 for expiration in 1977.
The month of expiration is noted on the plate.

March and July expiration plates with 1976 expiration stickers.
Month expirations are embossed into the lower left of the plate.
The serial numbers on the 1973 plates came in two types AA 0000 as shown above and A00-000 as shown below on the plate expiring in September of 1976.

Wisconsin license plate with February 1977 expiration.

1973 sample plate with 76 tab.

1976 Wisconsin low number plate.

1976 Wisconsin private, contract or common carriage truck license plate.
Background was non-reflective unlike other plates of 1976.

1976 Wisconsin private truck for hire plates with 76 and 77 expiration stickers

1976 Wisconsin tractor plate with 77 and 76 expiration stickers

1976 Wisconsin semi-trailer plate updated with December 1977 expiration sticker


Wisconsin light truck less than 8,000 lbs plate used during 1976

1976 Wisconsin dealer plate.

1976 Wisconsin Tax Only license plate.

Antique auto license plate issued in Wisconsin from 1972 through 1977.

1976 Wisconsin disabled veteran license plate.

Wisconsin municipal bus plate utilized from 1972 through 1977, with sample version on the right.

Wisconsin 77 non passenger white on green expiration tabs were given out at the end of 1975 as Wisconsin moved to staggered registrations on vehicles.
There were no 1976 tabs. The 1977 tabs are the ones you would have seen on non passenger plates in 1976.

Wisconsin farm plate set to expire in February of 1977 and used through 1976.

1974 base Wisconsin mobile home plate with 77 sticker. No 76 stickers were issued for these plates after the 75 sticker.
It was because the state went to staggered registrations, and gave out the 77 expiration stickers when the 75 expired for mobile home license plates.

Wisconsin dual purpose license plate issued in 1976 set to expire in January of 1977.

Wisconsin municipal license plate of the style used during 1976.

This style of Wisconsin official license plate was first issued in 1969 and used well into the 80's.

1973 Wisconsin amateur radio operator plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker.

1976 Wisconsin Finance Company license plate.

1976 Wisconsin manufacturer license plate.

1976 Wisconsin tractor license plate.

1976 Wisconsin school bus plate

A number of variations of this type of Wisconsin State Patrol plate exist that were all valid during 1976, as well as several after 1976. I am still trying to pin down the issuance of the one of the left above, as to whether or not it fits in a 1976 year of use. The one of the right was issued from 1972 to 1977.

1.) 1955-66 black/refl white; "STATE" over "PATROL" followed by 2 1/4" star with debossed center, & then serial; "WISCONSIN" bottom with full crease above; tab slots top right; long slot top left; debossed line border
2.) 1960-62 had long slot bottom left
3.) 1963-64 had long slot top left
4.) 1965-66 had slot top left and no tab slots undated "STATE" over "PATROL" left; debossed star & serial; "WISCONSIN" bottom with right key slot; full top crease; aluminum
5.) 1967-72 black/dull refl white finish
6.) 1972-77 black/dull white finish; half crease at top
7.) 1977-86 black/bright white finish; full crease top
8.) 1987-89 black/bright white finish; full crease; no key slot; step border
9.) 1988-89 black/bright white finish; step border; legend & star screened; no key slot; no crease

Thanks to the ALPCA archive and Bill Gelhaus of Monona, Wisconsin for information on the State Patrol plates. Bill has a great illustrated book on the history of Wisconsin license plates.

Mike Swanson of Lyons, Wisconsin notes,"To my knowledge, there are usually 3 pair of each number produced initially. That allows for a new plate to be put on the squad when one becomes damaged. On the 3 digit ones, the first number is the district number. In this case, District 2 at Madison. I have not seen any on this base higher than 290 for district 2. here is the possibility that #277 was used in ' 76 , but probably an earlier version if it was, and not this particular plate itself."

This is the Wisconsin motorcycle plate you would have seen throughout 1976. At the end of 1975, Wisconsin moved to a staggered registration system for motorcycles.
The 74 plates with a 75 sticker sufficed until December of that year.
In 1976, motorcyclists were given the plate shown above with an expiration date of April 1977.

1976 Wisconsin motorcyle dealer plate.

December 1976 Wisconsin pro rated expiration sticker placed on multi-state pro rated plate below

1976 Muscoda, Wisconsin American Legion Bicentennial booster attachment
1976 Darien, Wisconsin Bicentennial booster attachment

September 1976 Hayward, Wisconsin Fall Foliage Meet booster plate

1976 Wisconsin bicycle plates located here

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