This tab was issued in 1976 to be placed on 1971 plates. Beginning in 1971 monthly registrations were begun on plates by having the first digit of the serial being "1" through "9" corresponding to January through September and "0", "N", & "D" for the remaining 3 months. The second character was a serial letter followed by up to 4 digits

7L-3342=July 1976 expiration. Back appears to have a bronze tinge to it.
DD-1114=December 1976 expiration. Back is clear aluminum.

Three digit version of the 71 base updated with a 76 sticker, and a 3 digit version of the graphic 1976 plate used into 1982.

1976 West Virginia 2 digit plate.

In January of 1976, this new plate was introduced in West Virginia.
January through June expirations received the 76 (77) sticker shown on the set of plates below, which would indicate their expiration in 1977.
All July through December expirations were mailed out without the sticker.
The red, white and blue 76 (77) sticker would then be received later during the month of expiration.
As such, there are no "natural" 1976 West Virginia base plates with January through June expirations.
Only July through December 1976 base plates could have "naturally" been used without this sticker.
Two different dies were used on 76 bases; plates issued for the first 7 months with initial numbers of 1 to 7 used old 1970-75 dies;
Illinois-type dies were used for the rest of the year (8, 9, O, N, & D).
The central portion containing the serial is raised above the rest of the plate, also, on the later issues.

1G-3007=January 1976 expiration (would not have "naturally" occurred, and would have been issued with the red, white and blue sticker)
8C-4376=August 1976 expiration

Blank version of the 1976 West Virginia license plate

Later in 1976, another version of the 1976 plate was issued.
The letters are not only embossed, but the center of plates where the numbers are is also raised slightly from the rest of the plate.
In addition, a 76 tab was added which carried forward as a validation for 1977.
9L-8309=September 1977 expiration
DD-8622=December 1977 expiration.

From January 1976 through June 1976, when receiving replacement plates, motorists were given the map base plates with this sticker, which is actually the 1977 expiration sticker.

Thanks to Jeff Ellis, Baltimore, Maryland, ALPCA 4726, for straightening out registration information on these and a number of other issues.

The 1971 West Virginia plate with 76 red, white and blue sticker expiring in 1977 has to be an error. The sticker was intended for only the 1976 base.

Thanks to Jeff Ellis, ALPCA #4726, of Baltimore, Maryland for helping sort out the confusing registration used in West Virginia during 1976.

Two types of samples existed for the 76 West Virginia plate. The one on the right appears to be the most difficult to obtain.

Sample version of 1976 expiration sticker shown on 1971 style sample plate shown below.

1976 West Virginia truck plate on the left. On the right is a later issued 1976 West Virginia truck plate. The B over the 2 indicates registrations over 300,000.
The plate is made of aluminum, as opposed to steel like the one to the left of it.

Upper left: 76 West Virginia truck plate with Illinois dies and red 78 expiration tab
Upper right: 76 West Virginia stacked B1 truck plate with Illinois dies
Lower left: 76 West Virginia stacked B2 truck plate with Illinois dies
Lower right: 76 West Virginia truck plate with old dies

1976 West Virginia commercial truck plate as noted by the C prefix.

1976 West Virginia trailer dealer plate.

1976 West Virginia car dealer plates.
The one on the left also contains a certificate encased in plastic attached to the back. You can see the brads holding it on either side of the stacked D8.

1976 West Virginia two digit and three digit dealer plates

1976 West Virginia Used Car dealer license plates.

1976 West Virginia bus plate

1976 West Virginia taxi, jitney or charter bus license plate, as noted by the J prefix.

1976 West Virginia house trailer plates as noted by the R prefix.
The one on the right was used into 1978.

1976 West Virginia Special Mobile Equipment license plate.

Two different types of 1976 West Virginia trailer plates, as noted by the T prefix.

1976 West Virginia farm plates as noted by the X prefix.

1976 West Virginia antique car plates.

1976 West Virginia State Delegate license plates. The plates originally belonged to Democratic State Delegate Sarah Lee Neal.
The one on the right was an error with an I substituted for an L and had to be returned.

1976 West Virginia ham radio operator license plates. The one the right is a 75 plate updated with a 76 expiration tab in the center.

70's issued West Virginia State Police front license plate.

1976 West Virginia motorcycle plate.

1976 West Virginia cardboard temporary license plates.

1976 Bethlehem and Huntington, West Virginia American Revolution Bicentennial souvenir plates.

1976 West Virginia Bicentennial booster plate

1976 Mannington, West Virginia High School State Football Champions booster plate.

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