Wyoming issued this tab to place on plates issued the year before.

This Bicentennial themed plate was first issued in 1975. County numbers are placed to the left. This plate is from Unita County.
1975 type Wyoming base issued for 1978 in Carbon County showing no border of type. Some were stickered with 1977 expirations.

This white on yellow sticker was issued in 1975 to registrants who purchased a vehicle in December
It was good until Janaury 12, 1976
Due to the lateness in the registration year, fees were not prorated for purchases made in December
As a result, these registrants paid a very minimal user and fee and were issued this January sticker

This 1975 Wyoming base plate with a January 12, 1976 expiration sticker was issued in Teton County

1976 Wyoming sample tab placed on 75 Wyoming sample plates shown below.

1975 Wyoming sample error plate.

1975 Wyoming vanity license plates of the type used in 1976

1976 Wyoming apportioned plate
1976 Wyoming apportioned trailer plate

1975 city and city owned trailer plates updated with 76 tabs.

1975 base county owned vehicle plate with 76 tab.

1976 Wyoming dealer plate issued in Sublette County.

1975 Wyoming exempt plate updated with 76 and 77 expiration stickers.

1975 base Game & Fish Department owned vehicle plate with 76 tab.

1975 base Highway Department owned vehicle plate with 76 tab on left. The plate in the right is for the Highway Department Headquarters.

Wyoming Highway Patrol plates of the type used during 1976.

Black on white 76 tab used on Wyoming Public Service Commission plate shown below.

Wyoming began issuing this type of plate for antique vehicles in 1959. The style was used into 1976 and beyond.

1975 base state owned vehicle plate with 76 tab.

This type of Governor's plate from Wyoming was a sample handed out by the Governor's office in 1975 to 1976.

1976 Wyoming school vehicle plate amd school house trailer plate.

On left, 75 Wyoming trailer base with 76 tab. This plate was issued in Niobrara County.
On right, 75 Wyoming house trailer plate with 76 tab issued in Fremont County.

75 Wyoming truck vanity from Niobrara County with 76 tab on the left. On the right is a 76 Wyoming vanity license plate with the truck and Wyo embossings the opposite of those on the left. It was issued in Fremont County.

Above is a regular 1975 Wyoming truck plate with a 76 tab issued in Unita County.

Wyoming issued these blue on reflective white plates for state owned vehicles in 1975. The UW on this plate stands for the University of Wyoming, as it was used on a university owned vehicle.

1975 Wyoming amateur radio license plate updated with 1976 expiration sticker.

1975 Wyoming motorcycle license plate updated with 76 tab. This plate was issued in Fremont County.

1975 Wyoming motorcycle dealer, as noted by D in serial number, license plate with 76 tab. This plate was issued in Sublette County.

75 sample base of a plate placed on vehicles owned by television stations updated with 76 tab.

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Front and back of 1976 Casper, Wyoming windshield sticker pass to the Central Wyoming Fair & Nite Rodeo, Aug. 3 to 7

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