Images from Don Eddy of Dearborn, Michigan
Bicentennial Era Michigan License Plates

Michigan bicentennial passenger base with reverse numbers and lettering and 78 expiration
Michigan bicentennial truck back with reverse lettering and numbers and 77 expiration

American Motors Corporation Auto Show/Advertising plates

American Motors Corporation Jeep Division Auto Show/Advertising plates

Chrysler Corporation Advertising plates

MBS and MBT were reserved for Michigan Bell System and Michigan Bell Telephone

1976 Michigan state owned motorcycle plate
1976 Michigan motorcycle dealer plate with 3 digits, one letter
1976 Michigan motorcycle plate with one letter, four digits

1977 Michigan motorcycle personalized plate
1976 Michigan municipal motorcycle plate

1976 Michigan Public Service Commission motorcyle plates with 3 different serial formats

1966 base Michigan municipal plate produced between 1966 and 1967
1966 base Michigan municipal plate produced between 1968 and 1969 showing slots, not holes, for mounting
1966 base Michigan municipal plate produced in 1970 showing slots for mounting
These types were still in use in 1976

Michigan State-Owned trailer plate from Bicentennial era
Michigan State-Owned Vehicle plate from Bicentennail era used by the Department of Natural Resources

1976 type 3 Michigan non profit plate without logo
1976 type 4 Michigan non profit plate with logo

1976 Michigan sample plate with stripes removed
1976 Michigan unknown sample type
1976 Michigan plate that hung in every Secretary of State's office. Richard Austin was the Michigan Secretary of State at the time

1976 Michigan sample plates with 77 and 78 sample stickers

Sample version of a Michigan exempt plate

1977 Michigan personalized plate
1978 Michigan personalized plate

1976 Michigan reserved lettering plate for State Representative from District 22
1977 Michigan reserved lettering plate for State Representative from District 40
1977 Michigan reserved lettering plate for State Senator from District 16

1976 Michigan State Police Crime Lab plate
1976 Michigan State Police K-9 Drug Dog Unit plate
State Police plate without border produced in 1984 or later

Engrossed Vehicle Weight stickers and Logging sticker on Michigan U.S. Bicentennial issue truck plates

Five year Michigan trailer plate issued in 1972 and used until February 28, 1977
Five year Michigan trailer plate iussed in 1977 and used until March 1, 1982

1976 Michigan 30 day in-transit permit

1976 City of Mackinac Island dray license late

1976 Detroit, Michigan taxi plate expiring on June 30, 1977

Ann Arbor, Michigan taxi plate used in Bicentennial ear expiring on April 30, 1978

1976 Warren, Michigan Peddler's plate expiring on April 30, 1977

This plate was first used at events like golf events.
Car makers that sponsored these events used dealer plates, so this plate was created

1976 Michigan movie prop plates